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When Should I Work With a CSAT Therapist?


A client meets a CSAT therapist for the first

Although many therapists claim to be able to help with addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors sex addiction, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT therapists) have specialized training and have developed the necessary skills to work with clients specifically around getting the help they seek.


Finding a qualified mental health therapist is crucial if you are struggle with compulsive sexual behavior, or if you are partnered with someone who struggles, and are looking for therapy or counseling. Working with an inexperienced therapist can seriously affect your ability to recover.


Do you think you or your partner could benefit from seeing a CSAT therapist? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing some signs that you may need to visit a professional like Dr. Patrick Carnes.

What is Compulsive Sexual Behavior?


Lack of control over sexual ideas, cravings, and impulses is referred to as compulsive sexual behavior (sometimes referred to as sex addiction). Although sexual urges are natural, compulsivity with regard to sexual only applies when when those thoughts, urges or behaviors have a detrimental impact on one’s life, and the person has tried to stop, but cannot.


Someone struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors may have an obsessional urge to be sexually stimulated. Their ability to go about their daily lives is frequently hampered by this desire. Problematic or compulsive sexual behavior can take many forms, including but not limited to:

  • sexual behavior that compromises other areas of your life
  • compulsive engagement with sex workers
  • excessive porn consumption (outside your own limits)
  • excessive masturbation or sexual behavior
  • constantly feeling the urge to engage in sexual behavior (in a way that feels excessive to you)
  • seeking sexual fulfillment outside of your relationship agreements surrounding fidelity


There may be severe personal repercussions from this compulsive sexual conduct. Similar to addiction to drugs or alcohol, compulsive sexual behavior can have an adverse effect on one’s physical and emotional well-being. It can also impact interpersonal connections and even quality of life.


When Should I Seek Out a CSAT Therapist?


There are several signs that may indicate that working with a CSAT Therapist may be right for you.


For instance, someone who has a sex addiction often thinks about sex constantly. These persistent sexual ideas or fantasies could develop into obsessions. They could even interfere with daily tasks.


Even though looking for sexual partners isn’t always a symptom of sexual addiction, it could be a warning sign if someone is expending too much time and effort on it. This can involve noticing a distinct cycle or ritual, when it comes to engaging in preparing or seeking out of sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity, or recovering from sexual activity. For folks who identify compulsivity, this cycle can interrupt their ability to navigate other life tasks, relationships or can result in lost time.


An individual’s sexual impulses may be accompanied by feelings of worry, humiliation, melancholy, or remorse if a craving for sex develops into an compulsion. The person could feel ashamed of their sexual urges and their inability to contain them.


If you recognize any of the aforementioned behaviors, working with a CSAT Therapist may be a beneficial choice. Therapists who have completed the cutting edge CSAT certification process at the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction professionals (IITAP) can help you recover from compulsive sexual behavior while providing an outlet to help you understand your feelings and behaviors, and set meaningful goals. Therapists who have completed the CSAT training have completed additional continuing education and at least 30 hours of specialized supervision to meet the unique needs of addiction clients.


Benefits of Sex Addiction Treatment


Sex addiction therapy and other treatments for sexual dependence have the potential to improve circumstances over time. Relationships may be revived by having a healthier sexual relationship.


A qualified CSAT therapist can help you come up with a plan of action for dealing with your worries and moving on when you are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and want to rebuild your relationship with your significant other, and with sex.


Work With a CSAT Therapist Now


Can a your relationship with sex recover? Yes, and working with the right CSAT Therapist is a strong start.


Treatment may differ depending on the underlying reason and how it presents in a person’s personal life. Medication may also be part of the therapy approach if the sexually compulsive behavior is due to an underlying mood disorder. To be clear, your relationship with sex is yours to define. The right CSAT Therapist will help you assess if your relationships with sex is adding vitality to your life or if it conflicts with your values.


Are you interested in working with a CSAT therapist? Learn more about compulsive sexual behavior and how to schedule a consultation with a professional by clicking here.

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