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Couples Therapy in Miami + Florida

Are You Looking For Couples Therapy in Miami?

We can help. We offer couples therapy and marriage counseling in Miami across the state of Florida.

For many couples, seeing therapy is a big decision and one they come to after struggling for a long time in their relationship. Unresolved conflict, communication issues and feeling resentful are all common reasons why people contact our couples counselors for help.

How Do We Know We Need Couples Therapy?

This is a great question. The truth is that every relationship is different. Some couples have relationship challenges for years before asking for help. Other couples ask for help at the first sign that something is amiss.

The only prerequisite for couples counseling is that you come to the sessions together. Many people are under the impression that couples therapy is solely for couples who are one argument away from breaking up or divorce. In reality, couples counseling helps with normal communication challenges that almost every couple faces.

Our couples therapists will help you gain a greater awareness of the core reasons you have conflict and then, provide a roadmap on how to push through and get to the other side. 

Couples Counseling Can Help You With These Challenges & More:

  • Resolve conflicts and communication challenges that lead to conflict and resentment
  • Healing from infidelity + betrayal trauma
  • Improving your sex life and the intimacy between you
  • Learning how to communicate effectively
  • Addressing mismatched libido or other sexual differences
  • Mental health areas like anxiety and depression that impact your partnership
  • Addressing addictive behaviors and their impact on your relationship
  • Codependency and narcissistic manipulation
  • Porn and sex addiction
  • Introducing Kink + BDSM
  • Breaking up and divorce
  • Parenting and co-parenting challenges

Can Couples Therapy Help Us If We’ve Talked About Getting A Divorce?

Yes, it absolutely can. Why? Because whether you go to therapy to explore divorce or you get your relationship back on track, it’s possible for couples to develop a healthier outlook on your life, communication and values regardless of the outcome. 


When couples are ready to talk about divorce, the safe space found working with our couples counselors will help you explore all the fears and worries you have about the future. If you decide to pursue getting a divorce, complicated issues like coparenting can be talked about openly and with a goal of doing what’s best for everyone.

Couples also reunite through therapy. The safety created in the therapeutic environment encourages couples to explore what is required from their newly reunited healthy relationship for it to really thrive. New agreements around conflict, communication and values can be explored so the foundation is stronger in the future.


Free 30-Minute Consultation

Teletherapy Service Available

Judgement-Free Counseling

Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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Do Your Miami Couples Counselors Offer Premarital Counseling?

Yes we do. This can be for first marriages to set a healthy set of expectations and a strong foundation for the future. It also works incredibly well for couples entering a second or later marriage.

Often couples who have been married in the past carry unresolved hurts from the past that can be cleared out before you walk down the aisle. This is hugely helpful for insulating your new marriage from the challenges of your previous one.

Are Counseling Sessions Held In Person or Virtually?

At present, all of our therapists are conducting therapy sessions virtually, via telehealth. Since transitioning to 100% telehealth services at the height of the pandemic, we have found that virtual therapy sessions tend to provide our clients with the same quality of care as in-person sessions, with an added convenience.

Our secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform enables you to connect with a therapist virtually via video. Convenient, automatic reminders and calendar invites make it easy to remember your appointment time.

How Can I Book an Appointment/Consultation With One Of Your Miami Couples Therapists?

If you feel ready to get started, but still have a few questions, feel free to reach out. We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where our Intake Specialist can learn more about your goals, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and align you with the therapist who is the best fit for your needs.

Need Individual Therapy in Miami or Sex Therapy in Miami? Feel free to connect with us about those areas too.