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Couples Therapy in NYC & All New York

Does Modern Intimacy Offer Couples Therapy in NYC?

We understand relationships are a fundamental aspect of life. When relational challenges arise, it can be difficult to find your footing. Our couples’ therapists can assist with many relationship issues through couples counseling and marital therapy in New York, NY. Starting couples therapy can be an integral step towards developing and maintaining healthy relationships.


There is nothing wrong with needing outside support from a couple’s therapist in relationships. There is a common belief that people who attend couples therapy are trying one more last-ditch effort to save a relationship. While couples do often come to therapy for that reason, it’s far from the only reason working with a couple’s therapist can be helpful. In fact, ideally, you and your partner can start therapy before it gets to the point where you feel near the end of the relational road.


Many also think couples therapy is solely for fixing problems in order to stop them from occurring again. There is some truth to that, but couples therapy is really about giving you and your partner the tools to navigate relational stuck points together, in a way that supports the relationship functionality as a whole. It’s impossible for most couples to evade conflict completely, so working with a neutral third party can create opportunities to develop productive and healthy ways to tackle life together.


There is no such thing as a perfect relationship because relationships involve people, and people are imperfect. Many couples come to therapy with a promising foundation where trust, safety, and intimacy can be successfully built upon with commitment and patience. Couples therapy is an investment into your relationship, and that doesn’t just apply to finances. Choosing to show up and work towards your relational goals with your partner can be considered a time investment in the security and functionality of your relationship’s wellbeing.


Can anyone begin couples therapy in NYC with Modern Intimacy?


Modern Intimacy therapists work with couples of all sexual orientations, relationship identities and dynamics. We work with everyone, from every background and set of values. Modern Intimacy is an inclusive practice, and provides LGBTQ+ affirming therapy; working frequently with couples who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. We also work with couples who practice monogamy, ethical non-monogamy and polyamory, and couples who engage in/want to explore kink. Our therapists encourage a safe, judgment free, inclusive, and sex-positive space for couples no matter lifestyle or identity.

No matter what you and your relationship’s preferences and lifestyle include, we strive to help you feel safe, understood, and affirmed with our couples therapists.

Couples therapists at Modern Intimacy use a variety of therapeutic styles when working with couples.

Some of those modalities include, but are not limited to:


  • PACT therapy 
  • Gottman Therapy
  • Imago Therapy
  • Emotionally focused couples therapy
  • Trauma informed therapy
  • Somatic, body-based therapies
  • Attachment theory
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychodynamic therapy

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    Judgement-Free Counseling

    Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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    What Can a Couples’ Therapist in NYC Help With?


    Some of the most common relationship issues our couples therapists in NYC treat in couples therapy sessions include, but are not limited to:


    • Deepening intimacy
    • Improve communication 
    • Conflict resolution
    • Toxic relationship dynamics
    • Jealousy/Retroactive Jealousy
    • Betrayal trauma
    • Co-parenting
    • Premarital and marriage counseling
    • Regaining the “spark” you once had
    • Alternative relationship styles (i.e. polyamory)
    • Codependency
    • Enmeshment
    • Different attachment styles
    • Financial disagreements
    • Strengthening your emotional bond
    • Mismatched Libido
    • Inequities in domenstic labor, emotional labor and mental load

      We live outside NYC. Can we begin couples therapy with a Modern Intimacy therapist?


      Whether you live in New York City or within the state of NY, our video-based Telehealth sessions are secure and convenient, so you don’t have to travel across town to an office for therapy sessions.

      Our couples therapists in NYC are happy to support you while you remain in the comfort of your own space.

      We are ready to begin couples therapy with a Modern Intimacy therapist. What’s next?


      Relationships are unique, just like the individual people who make up the relationship. The style of therapy your couple’s therapist uses will depend on your goals, frequency of sessions, comfort level, and openness. One or more therapeutic modalities might be used to get you and your partner closer to your mutual and individual goals. If you have questions about what modalities are best for you and your partner’s needs, we’d be happy to discuss differences and benefits of the modalities our therapists use in session.

      If you’re still contemplating if couples therapy is right for you and your partner, feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We’re happy to talk with you about our services, couples’ therapists, and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

      A lesbian couple benefits from couples therapy in NYC.