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Eating Disorders + Body Image


While treatment at any stage of a disorder is important, seeking help in the beginning significantly enhances recovery. If left untreated, eating disorders could lead to life-threatening conditions. The common thought surrounding eating disorders is that the disorder focuses on eating habits. In reality, an eating disorder is about much more than food. An eating disorder is a serious health condition that affects patients both physically and emotionally. The most effective treatment has proven to be therapy. Establishing what is causing the disorder allows one to reestablish their response in a healthier way. With professional help, patients are able to discuss and develop a plan that addresses their nutritional and medical needs.


Beyond OCD, compulsive behaviors can reveal themselves through a multitude of choices and rituals that seem imperative to one’s daily functioning. While cognitive-behavior therapy is effective in almost all cases, especially when treating OCD, there are other treatments available. Therapy sessions, either individual or group, can help work through common fears and misunderstandings riddled with anxiety. Therapists may also explore medication to help control specific compulsions. Each treatment plan is created specifically for the patient depending on their needs. If you or a loved one is suffering from OCD, please call our office to schedule your appointment and find freedom from your compulsive behavior.

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