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Meet Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Emily Martinez

Emily Martinez, AMFT | Clinical Associate


Emily Martinez is a Masters level Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with over 8 years in the mental health and wellness industry. In addition, Emily was a Yoga teacher, a co-author of the book, She Loved Herself: 14 Women Share Stories of Healing, Acceptance, and Learning to Love Yourself, and from 2015-2017 she was a producer and co-host of ZNationRadio on Youtube. 

Emily feels that each person and each problem is unique and that a “one size fits all” approach to therapy simply doesn’t work. Looking at clients from a systems approach through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has brought insight into addressing intersectionalities and topics including, but not limited to; low self-esteem, internalized shame, anxiety, depression, sexual identity, navigating polyamory, codependency, addiction, sexual trauma, relationship issues, body image issues, attachment issues, and transitional life changes. 

Emily is supervised by Dr. Kate Balestrieri (CA PsyD 26249)

“Through deep sex experience, meditative sex experience, you will come to know that this sex energy is nothing but divine energy. Then sex becomes samadhi.” ~ Osho

“Love is overflowing joy. Love is when you have seen who you are; then there is nothing left except to share your being with others. Love is when you have seen that you are not separate from existence. Love is when you have felt an organic, orgasmic unity with all that is. Love is not a relationship. Love is a state of being; it has nothing to do with anybody else. One is not in love, one is love. And of course one is love, one is in love – but that is an outcome, a by-product, that is not the source. The source is that one is love.”

– Osho –

 Emily is currently accepting clients in California.

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What is Emily's Approach?


As a Queer, Latinx, and polyamorous individual, they believe in providing sexual health and mental health care that is an affirming safe space and that helps clients on their journey of identifying their most pressing concerns and life challenges.

Emily is interested in working with a wide variety of individuals, people in relationships, and families from all backgrounds. This includes providing individual, relationship and family therapy for people of diverse sexual orientations (LGBQTQIA+), gender identities (transgender,  non-binary, etc.), relationship systems (polyamorous, open, and kink) through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework. 

“When you are making love don’t control. Go into uncontrol, go into chaos. It will be fearful, frightening, because it will be a kind of death. And the mind will say “Control!” And the mind will say, “Jump in and keep control, otherwise, you will be lost in the abyss of it.” Don’t listen to the mind, get lost. Abandon yourself utterly and without any technique, you will come to see a timeless experience. There will be no two in it: oneness. Consciousness will be there, a lucid passive consciousness will be there, you will know what is happening because you will be fully aware. But you will not be there; awareness will be there. You have to imbibe the Tantra spirit – it is not a technique to be learned.” 


– Osho –

Emily's Vision

Emily’s vision is to make the field of sexual mental health more diverse for both clients and clinicians. They themselves, through their own personal experiences, have found it difficult to find quality care that is outside of the norm and hopes to close this gap. 

“Through deep sex experience, meditative sex experience, you will come to know that this sex energy is nothing but divine energy. Then sex becomes samadhi.” ~ Osho