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Righteous Rage: Deconstructing Patriarchy and Centering Yourself




Embark on a transformative 6-week journey as we delve into the potent realm of feminine rage, its historical context, and its potential to incite personal and societal change. “Righteous Rage” spans 6 weeks, with each 90 minute session comprising engaging discussions, somatic processing exercises, historical insights, and practical applications. Facilitated by Dr. Kate Balestrieri and Rachel Overvoll, this course offers a safe space for both self-expression and personal development.

This course is designed for individuals seeking to explore and harness the transformative power of feminine rage. The six week experience will be an empowering and dynamic journey for those who wish to understand the historical context of women’s emotions, navigate relationships with agency, and contribute to building a supportive community focused on growth and healing.


Week 1: Container for Rage

  • Define and explore the essence of rage as a powerful force for activism and advocacy.
  • Address the historical oppression of women’s rage and its impact on self-expression.
  • Examine the physical dynamics associated with suppressed rage and societal expectations.
  • BOOKS: Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemal, Witches, Sluts, and Feminists by Kristen J. Sollee

Week 2: History of Patriarchy

  • Delve into the origins and evolution of patriarchy, understanding its implications for gender dynamics.
  • BOOKS: When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone, We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Week 3: History of Feminism

  • Trace the four waves of feminism and their significance in challenging patriarchal norms.
  • Explore the purpose of feminism and debunk the myth of the “man-hater.”
  • BOOKS: Feminism Unfinished by Dorothy Sue Cobble, Linda Gordon, Astrid Henry, Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay, Difficult Women by Helen Lewis

Week 4: Punishment & Emotional Labor

  • Examine the emotional toll of punishment and the unseen burdens of emotional labor.
  • Uncover the function of patriarchy in perpetuating unequal emotional responsibilities.
  • BOOKS: Emotional Labor by Rose Hackman, Do Better by Rachel Ricketts

Week 5: Decentering Men and Self-Exploration

  • Discover strategies to decenter men’s influence and opinions in personal and societal contexts.
  • Address navigating dating and relationships while maintaining self-empowerment.
  • BOOKS: How to Date Men When You Hate Men by Blythe Roberson, Pleasure Activism by Adreinne Maree Brown

Week 6: Building Community and Grieving

  • Cultivate a sense of community through shared experiences and mutual support.
  • Explore the importance of grieving for personal and collective healing.
  • BOOKS: Communion by bell hooks


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