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Meet Office Manager + Intake Specialist, Kayla Tricaso

Kayla Tricaso | Office Manager + Intake Specialist



Kayla earned Bachelors Degree in Marketing Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Columbia College Chicago.

In her early 20s, Kayla realized that she was not passionate about the work she was doing in Public Relations. She was burnt out, needed a change. Fascinated with learning about psychology and human behavior, Kayla decided to change course and pursue a career in mental health. 

As Modern Intimacy’s Intake Specialist and Office Manager, Kayla is intricately involved member of the team. Whether scheduling appointments, helping with billing questions, or through the consultation process, Kayla works diligently to ensure current, and prospective clients feel seen, safe and supported throughout their journey with Modern Intimacy.

“It is so important to bring awareness to mental health so we can show up more empathically for ourselves and with the people we engage with. When we care for our mental and sexual health and the mental and sexual health of others, our relationships can feel more authentic and our lives can be more fulfilling.”

– Kayla Tricaso –

Kayla emphatically believes the traumatic experiences a person has been through are are not their fault.

She encourages people to give themselves permission to feel their feelings and get curious about their authentic selves, in healing and life.




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Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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More About Kayla

Even though Kayla is not on the clinical staff at Modern Intimacy, she loves being part of a field that truly changes and saves lives. She enjoys working with a team of people who have so much empathy and passion to provide their clients with the best possible care.

To Kayla, it feels so special to be a part of a company and field that is consistently breaking down stigmas around mental and sexual health.and mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.

An area of psychology that Kayla is particularly passionate about is how trauma affects the brain and body, and how to heal. Kayla is a frequent writer on the Modern Intimacy blog and enjoys writing articles that educate, destigmatize, and empathize with people who have experienced trauma. 


As a trauma survivor herself, she believes it’s incredibly healing to have accessible information about trauma, especially forms of trauma that are less recognized. Kayla has absorbed so much information about trauma while working at Modern Intimacy and believes that helps her provide the sensitivity and compassion she brings to consultation calls and client support. 


Since trauma has the ability to make vulnerability feel triggering, Kayla is committed to making sure everyone she speaks with during consultations knows they are in a validating and confidential space, without fear of judgment. 


For Kayla, a healthy relationship with sexual and mental health comes from unpacking and healing negative, misinformed societal messages about human sexuality. It’s about normalizing and embracing what feels empowering, pleasurable, and fulfilling, without shame and judgment. 


It can be uncomfortable work to do, but it’s so worth it. Fully embracing your authentic sexual self can create better relationships and sexual experiences with others, but it also can foster a safe and embodied environment within yourself as well. 


Kayla is an intersectional feminist, trauma survivor, mental health advocate, and therapy-goer. While there are so many facets to identity, Kayla believes these identifiers are most relevant and fundamental to her role at Modern Intimacy.

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