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Women redefine their sexuality.

Humanize My Holes

Redefining a Healthy Relationship With Sex


A Collective Exploration

Power. Purpose. Permission. People. Problems. Pleasure.

Virtual Workshop + Panel Discussion  |  Hosted by Modern Intimacy

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

1:00 – 4:00 PM Pacific Time 

Join Dr. Kate Balestrieri, Founder of Modern Intimacy, and a robust panel of incredible women in the fields of sexual health, mental health, and sexual education for an empowering virtual workshop.

Panelists will share their knowledge, lived experience, and perspectives on the unique relationship women have with sex.

Participants are invited to examine the topics discussed for themselves, ask questions, and take part in various embodiment exercises and small group break out discussions.

During the workshop, myriad topics will be covered, related to sexuality and the individual, relationships and society.

Join us to think deeply about the many dimensions of sex, and to redefine and reclaim an empowered, embodied and intentional relationship with your own sexuality.

This workshop is open to anyone and everyone who identifies as a woman.

Humanize My Holes

Sex-Positive Panelists

in alphabetical order

Dr. Sarah Ashton
Amanda Goetz

Dr. Sarah Ashton

Psychologist and Director and Founder of Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services (SHIPS)

Dr. Sarah Ashton (She/her) is the Director and Founder of Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services (SHIPS). SHIPS promotes diversity and inclusion of marginalised communities and provides evidence-based, trauma-informed psychological treatment for sexual health and intimacy. Dr Ashton is a registered psychologist, Member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and the Coordinator for the Victorian Sexual and Mental Health Network. She has published sex research in Journal of Sex Research, Feminism and Psychology, and Porn Studies. Dr Ashton has developed skills-based online training and workshops for practitioners and students informed by psychological models, treatment modalities and current research. 

IG: @shipspsychology 


Dr. Kate Balestrieri

Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, PACT III Therapist, CSAT-S, Founder of Modern Intimacy & Host of this Workshop

Dr. Kate Balestrieri is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, PACT Therapist and Founder of Modern Intimacy, a group therapy practice in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Denver and Chicago. Listen to her podcast, Modern Intimacy, and follow her on TikTok and Instagram @drkatebalestrieri.

IG: @drkatebalestrieri + @themodernintimacy

TikTok: @drkatebalestrieri


Amanda Goetz

Sex Positivity Advocate, Founder of House of Wise

As the founder & CEO of House of Wise, the luxury CBD company empowering women, Amanda is on a mission to help women give more purposeful intention and take back control of their sleep, stress, sex, and wealth. Formally, Amanda led consumer and product marketing at The Knot Worldwide, the leading global wedding company and online marketplace for couples and wedding professionals.

Twitter: @amandamgoetz

IG: @goetzam


Julia Hale
Sarah Jane
Natasha Lama

Julia Hale

Civil Defense Litigator

Julia Hale earned a B.A. in Economics as well as her J.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Through her social media platforms, she promotes awareness of the unique issues BIPOC women face in the practice of law often using her personal experiences, as well as shed light on how marginalized communities are disproportionately impacted in a negative way within the American legal systems. In addition, Julia relies on the skills she learned as a civil defense litigator to collaborate with other content creators to provide educational content regarding relevant legal cases pending before American courts.

IG: @julitamarie

TikTok: @_julitamarie

Sarah Jane

High-End Erotic Party Host & Sex Columnist

Sarah Jane speaks openly about her feelings and mental health, why people are more depressed these days, image and younger and younger girls missing out on their youth to be the next Kardashian. Sarah Jane likes to speak on behalf of a 30-something woman with spirit, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial flare. One of her biggest dreams is to write her biography, which she is hopeful will publish in the next coming months. Sarah Jane has graced the cover of Fuse magazine in San Francisco and is a monthly contributor. She also writes for British GQ and GQ Africa. 

IG: @sarahjaneinternational


Natasha Lama

Sex Positive Advocate

Natasha (or Lama, she enjoys both names) is a Malaysian-Indian sex-positive advocate and educator. With her background in Psychology and current pursuit of studying a Masters of Public Health, specialising in sexual health, Natasha is all about destigmatising STIs and celebrating any conversation to do with our pleasure, sexuality, relationships, and bodies. Natasha started browngirl.sexology because she wanted to be part of a community of young South Asian women who shamelessly advocated for sex positivity and releasing sexual shame from their lives.

IG: @browngirl.sexology

Heather Mazzei, ASW
Michelle Osbourne
Mistress Tokyo

Heather Mazzei, ASW

Associate Social Worker & Owner of Lulu Lor Burlesque

Heather Mazzei is a Clinical Associate with Modern Intimacy and the owner of Lulu Lor Burlesque. She is passionate about helping women love themselves more and believes in the transformative power of self-love and sensuality in all relationships. In her clinical work, Heather hopes to inspire and educate her clients on what it means to discover your essence and create the life you want. A lifelong dancer, her stage name is Lulu Lor. Burlesque is a space that allows what she calls, positive sexpression and an opportunity to help others bring back their magic. You can catch her performing in Long Beach with her burlesque troupe, the Siren Sisters. 

IG: @lululorburlesque + @sirensisterslb + @heather_mazzei

website: lululorburlesque.com

Michelle Osbourne

Body Liberator & Brand Builder

Michelle Osbourne is a content creator, communications professional and multi-disciplined educator that specializes in helping marginalized communities build socially conscious brands.

She works from an anti-racist, anti-oppression, intersectional feminist framework and can often be heard speaking on topics such as body liberation, self-confidence, marginalized woman issues and LGBTQ2+ rights. She’s been a frequent guest speaker on radio, podcasts, voted CBC’s 2021 Black Changemakers, featured on T.V. and in magazines such as City News Montreal and Today’s Parent. With over 15 years of experience working in marketing and communications, Michelle is the owner of her own branding and communications studio Michelle Osbourne & Co. and is also the Creative Director of Project Femme Noire, a photo series that celebrates Black women living in Québec City. 

IG: @uncomfortable_bliss

TikTok: @thisbliss


Mistress Tokyo

Dominatrix, Consent and BDSM Educator, Creator of Consent(TM)

Mistress Tokyo is a Caucasian, cis-gender woman from a middle-class Australian background. She is Queer with white, ableist and neurotypical privileges. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. She has been a Dominatrix for 22yrs, sessioning in the UK, Europe and USA. She has also been a Consent and BDSM educator for 15yrs. She has presented in Florida and New York and is regularly in the Australian media. She is studying Psychology and Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Professionals, with a view to a Masters in Sexuality. She hopes to work as a sex therapist, serving the GLBTIQA+, sex work, pansexual, polyamorous and BDSM communities. In 2021, she created the consent model “Mindful ConsentTM”, hoping the model will empower all its users to greater consent awareness.  



Rachel Overall
Humanize My Holes
Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Rachel Overvoll

Somatic Sexual Reclamation Coach

Rachel Overvoll is a Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach and author, living in Colorado. She works with clients to move beyond shame, step into safety in their bodies, and to live a life embodied in pleasure. Using her credentials from the Somatica Institute and Kinsey Institute, she works through the mediums of embodiment and self attunement to help clients step outside of shame and into the power of their authentic selves. 

IG: @rachelovervoll


Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Board Certified OB/GYN & Women’s Health + Sexual Wellness Expert

Dr. Jessica Shepherd is a board-certified OB/GYN, women’s health and sexual wellness expert. She is the Chief Medical Officer of Verywell Health and also the founder and CEO of Sanctum Med + Wellness, a wellness concierge practice and is affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. 

Her involvement with various foundations as a board member has allowed her to actively make decisions in the women’s health realm. She has given much of her practice to women’s health in a holistic way that embraces sexual wellness and how to improve our journey in sexuality.

IG: @jessicashepherdmd + @sanctummedwellness

FB: Sanctum Med + Wellness


Modern Intimacy

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