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Kink-Affirming Therapy for Alternative Lifestyles (BDSM + Erotic Minorites)

Why A Sex Positive Therapist Is So Important for Alternative Lifestyles


One of the most important components of therapy is feeling safe to share without judgment. Working with a sex positive therapist is key, when diving into topics related to human sexuality. The term sex positive desires a person who creates space for inclusivity, and recognizes the diversity of fantasies, sexual expression and sexual behaviors that exist. Someone with sex negative beliefs, may hold more rigid ideas about what constitutes healthy sex and sexual activity.

Sex can be challenging enough to discuss. A sex positive therapist helps to make it that much easier. Their goal is to understand, not pathologize, and to provide non-shaming safe sex education for a person or couple who lives an alternative lifestyle.

Therapy should be a place people can go to feel affirmed and whole, just as they are. With a sex positive therapist, you can focus on discussing your sexual health, sexual identity, sexual desires or sex acts free from judgment or shame. No matter what your preferences are, you deserve therapy that is safe, informed, and validating.


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Inclusive Therapy For Alternative Lifestyles


At Modern Intimacy, we work people with various backgrounds, cultural and religious beliefs and practices, and sexual interests. We do not discriminate. Period. Modern Intimacy therapists help you explore the aspects of your sexuality and lifestyle that are important to you, without making it the focus point of your treatment, or something to be “fixed.”

We support the sex life that is meaning to you, whether you are in the kink community, have a foot fetish, like dominance and submission, role playing, or have fantasies or sexual desires you’ve never discussed. We welcome people of all genders, sexual orientation, and relationship identities.

We work with people around myriad topics related to sexuality and lifestyle. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural expectations, fears and judgements
  • Alternative lifestyle anxiety
  • Coming out safely and with liberation
  • Kink and Fetishes
  • Eradicate shame and internalized negativity
  • Ethical non-monogamy and polyamorous relational dynamics (individually and/or as a couple).

We understand that navigating identity, especially as it pertains to sexuality, gender, and alternative lifestyles, can be complicated. While we can’t control many of the external factors that may be making you feel unseen, we can ensure that when you connect with our inclusive therapists, you will be in a safe and non judgmental environment.

Sex Positive Therapy For Kink Sex Lifestyle: Discover, Accept, + Own What You’re Into


Modern Intimacy is affirming for all kinds of sexual lifestyles, including kink and BDSM. Whether you are just beginning to explore, looking to expand, or learning to accept your preferences, it’s often important to work with a Certified Sex Therapist who is sex positive and non judgmental.

Introducing kink into the bedroom and relationship(s) can feel awkward at first. A sex positive therapist can help curate conversation with partner(s), provide appropriate education, and help you design a safety and boundary plan. Our work promotes autonomy, sexual exploration, and consent. For those who are experienced with kink, we can help help you take your play to deeper levels, and iron out any bumps along the way.

I Want to Make Some Changes, But Am Uncertain About My Partner’s Comfort, Interest, Or Fears


Relationships are not static. They are always changing and sometimes that evolution leads partners to doors they were not expecting. Ideas and fantasies can change and curiosities can pop up. With consent from both parties, our therapists can work with individuals and couples to help shifting mindsets blossom.

Introducing new ideas and activities requires openness and vulnerability. Our therapists can help you explore any concerns or fears you and/or your partner has regarding how to safely introduce and transition into a new sexual or relationship lifestyle. We can help you start the conversation, clean up a messy conversation, and find a way to express yourself effectively. A partner’s comfort is usually hinged on getting questions answered, fears addressed, and putting a plan with some guard rails in place. We can help you organize that together, so the process of introducing change can be as seamless as possible.

Getting Started With Modern Intimacy Sex Therapists

If you’d like to get started with sex positive therapy, we recommend beginning with scheduling a free 30-minute phone consultation. It is okay to set up a consultation on your own, or with a partner. We can answer your questions, and are here to help.