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Individual Therapist in San Francisco & Across The Bay Area

Let Us Help You Find The Individual Therapist You Need In The San Francisco Bay Area

Whether this is your first time in therapy, or you’ve been a few times in the past, individual therapy can be great a asset to your life. This is especially true when you’re struggling with your mental health. Depression, anxiety, your personal identity, making sense of your past and exploring who you want to be in this world are all great questions to explore.

Many people seek therapy when their relationship isn’t “working out” or they see a pattern of behavior that’s troubling them. Feeling stuck in your life is a sign that you want something different and therapy can be a great way to explore your true path. Our therapists are here to help you discover what will bring you relief and healing from all that’s troubling you today.

How Individual Therapy Works

 Individual counseling is a relationship that you build with a licensed mental health therapist who spends dedicated time with you exploring what’s on your mind and in your heart. This one-on-one relationship with your therapist is how you explore your mental health, your communication style, experiences in your past that define who you are and explore your goals for the future.

When someone reaches out to Modern Intimacy for therapy in San Francisco, we spend some time on a phone call discussing what brings you to counseling. Our intake team then pairs you with the right individual therapist who has the skills, training and experience to fit your needs.

Individual Counseling Sessions Include Important Discussions Around Areas Like:

  • Your mental health and what is causing you to feel feelings like depression, anxiety, sadness, worry, or other expressions of your inner world that we can help you overcome
  • Your personal identity and who want to be to the world
  • Any past traumas that are still affecting your life today (from parents, other adults, or past relationships)
  • Your ongoing relationships with loved ones in your life (friends, family, and romantic)
  • Your mood and how it fluctuates up and down
  • Any personal transformations going on (changing jobs, moving, ending a relationship and more)
  • How you talk to yourself and your inner world
  • How you address/manage conflict, negativity, or other emotional pains
  • Any other areas you feel drawn to explore, work on, release or heal

The truth is you have your own reasons for seeking out an individual therapist. You may be ready to “deal with” something for the first time. Or, you may want to dive into something deeper because you have set some goals or want to achieve something new in your life.

Whatever brings you to therapy is a good reason to come.

Our licensed San Francisco therapists are here to help. All you have to do is reach out.


    Free 30-Minute Consultation

    Teletherapy Service Available

    Judgement-Free Counseling

    Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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    Are Sessions In-Person or Online? 

    Since the pandemic we’ve moved to a 100% online therapy model. Our therapists use a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform that lets you connect with them from anywhere you are safe and comfortable. We do suggest that you find a private space so you can talk and explore whatever emotions come up. It’s important to honor the time you’re giving yourself in therapy and that means finding someplace private to talk.

    Our telehealth platform also helps with scheduling, billing and reminders so it makes the whole experience simple and easy for everyone.

    What to Expect from Our Individual Therapy Process

    If this is your first time in therapy, there are a few details about working with a therapist that you should know. First, everything begins with a conversation to ensure that the Modern Intimacy team is the best to help you. This is a complimentary call and you can schedule that as soon as you’re ready.

      How Many Therapy Sessions Does It Take To Feel Better?


      Everyone is different and it takes what it takes is the honest answer. If you’re exploring something deep that has bothered you for many years, it may take longer to feel relieved than it will for someone who is addressing something less deeply ingrained in their life.

      Everyone starts to feel some relief after a few sessions. That may simply be from the experience of being truly listened to, respected and heard by another person. Whatever you need to feel relief, please share your thoughts with your counselor. They can help you explore what’s realistic, reasonable and fair to your head and heart.

      Do You Accept Health Insurance?

      Our therapy practice is considered “out of network” and we are not currently paneled with any insurance providers. That said, many of our clients receive reimbursement from their insurance networks by submitting superbills, or special invoices, that many insurance companies accept. If you have questions about eligibility and reimbursement rates, it might be beneficial to give your insurance company a call as they can answer the questions that are more specific to your insurance plan.

      We also offer sliding scale spots open for clients who need it. Modern Intimacy is a training organization and we have students on staff working towards their hours for licensure. Services with students have a significantly lower rate that may make attending sessions more affordable.

      How Can I Book an Appointment/Consultation with a Couples Therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area?

      If you feel ready to get started, but still have a few questions, feel free to reach out. We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where our Intake Specialist can learn more about your goals, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and align you with the individual sex therapist or couples sex therapist who best fits your needs.

      Need Sex Therapy in San Francisco, EMDR Therapy in San Francisco or Couples Therapy in San Francisco? Feel free to connect with us about those areas too.