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What is Online Life Coaching? 


A Certified Life Coach is a professional coach who is credentialed to provide various coaching services to clients. Having a life coach certification means coaches can work with people anywhere in the world looking to reach their personal, relational, and career goals. 

The most common types of coaching and coaches include: life coaching, professional coaching, business coaching, executive coaches, career coaches, and health coaches. 

Online coaching means you are working with a Certified Life Coach virtually. Clients may meet for coaching sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or on an as needed basis. Throughout online coaching, coaches develop a plan with their clients and structure sessions around moving their clients towards the goals they want to achieve. 

During the coaching process, coaches and clients set goals, create a general timeline, check in on progress, talk through obstacles, and work on exercises during and in-between sessions. 

Where Does Modern Intimacy Offer Coaching Services?

Modern Intimacy offers life and relationship coaching services worldwide. While our practice has several locations throughout the United States, our coaching services can be provided to individuals and couples no matter where they reside in the world. 

Online coaching is a convenient way individuals and couples can work with a Certified Life Coach around various personal and relational issues when they may not be able to find the right support in their specific location.

Modern Intimacy’s coaching services are conducted on a secure virtual platform, so your coaching sessions are private and protected. 


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Who Benefits from Working with an Online Life Coach?


Life coaching clients can consist of both individuals and couples. There are myriad reasons someone might work with a coach. A typical client is someone who notices a problem or area in their life or relationships that could benefit from direction and growth. 


A coaching client is typically interested in receiving direction based and goal oriented steps around strengthening or improving personal growth, relational satisfaction, business and career plans, exploring spirituality, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Coaching programs are usually sought out by people who might feel they are at a stuck point with their life. A coaching client is not typically someone who is looking to treat mental health issues; those clients are often best suited to work with a mental health professional. Instead, coaching can help untangle beliefs and fears that are holding you back from living the most fulfilling life possible. 

Does Modern Intimacy Offer Coaching Services for Individuals?


One of the coaching services we offer is life coaching for individuals. Individual coaching can be helpful for people who want to move from a state of being stuck to a place that feels more empowered, personally successful, and fulfilling. 

Some of the common areas life coaching can help individuals navigate can include: 

  • Imposter Syndrome in work, school, creative pursuits, and relationships
  • Honing leadership skills 
  • Managing stress at work or in relationships 
  • Grow skills in a certain areas of life 
  • Develop healthy communication skills 
  • Improving self-esteem and low self confidence 
  • Setting boundaries in relationships 
  • Grow self awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • Figuring out what you’d like to accomplish in life 
  • Finding clarity on your life and relationship goals 
  • Staying accountable around improving yourself 
  • Feeling more fulfilled in career, personal life, and relationships 
  • Learning more about your passions, dreams, and skills 

If any of the above sound like familiar thoughts you’ve had around your life and relationships, coaching might be a great fit for getting to the place you want to be. 

Does Modern Intimacy Offer Coaching Services for Couples?


Couples can participate in relationship coaching together when there are disconnects in emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. Relationship coaching, also sometimes referred to as intimacy coaching, can help couples navigate recurring disagreements, unhealthy communication patterns, building trust, feeling more sexually connected, developing a sense of safety in the relationship, and much more. 


During the introductory session with a relationship life coach, your coach will ask you and your partner to outline the goals you’d like to achieve to feel more fulfilled and connected within your relationship. 


Once you have defined your goals, your coach will walk you through strategies that will be most supportive in helping you achieve what you need for your relationship to flourish. In relationship coaching, all parties’ needs and goals are put into consideration when it comes to developing the best course of action. You, your partner, and your coach will work together to overcome relational hurdles and feel more secure, connected, and empowered within your bond. 

Examples of common situations couples will seek out coaching to assist with can include:


  • Strengthening communication 
  • Enhancing sex and intimacy 
  • Moving through conflict in a productive manner 
  • Understanding your partner better 
  • Identifying underlying issues impacting romance and intimacy
  • Discovering new ways to connect with your partner 
  • Addressing and resolving trust issues 
  • Meeting financial and career goals together 
  • Assigning and agreeing upon household responsibilities 
  • Working through differences in belief systems
  • Defining future goals and plans for life together

What is the Difference Between Coaching Sessions and Therapy?


You might be thinking that some of the areas of life that coaching can help with can also be approached in therapy. There are some elements of both coaching and therapy that differentiate each other and instances where one service is recommended over the other. 


One major difference is regulations around who coaches and therapists can work with. Mental health professionals in the United States can only work with clients who live in the state where they are licensed. For coaches, there are no location based barriers so a Certified Life Coach can work with individuals and couples no matter where they live. There is more opportunity for coaches to work with clients in areas of the world where there may be limited or no services that can help with their goals. 


A difference in the method of coaching and therapy is that therapy usually helps people look at their past and assess how it may be impacting their present self. Therapists often work with clients who struggle with mental health conditions such as depression and trauma, whereas Certified Life Coaches are not mental health professionals who can diagnose and treat mental illness. 


Instead, Life Coaches are certified coaching professionals who work with clients who have very specific goals they’d like to achieve in order to feel more satisfied with their personal life, career, and relationships. The goals are usually practical action items that can usually be achieved in a few months. 

How Can Working with a Life Coach Improve Clients’ Lives and Relationships?


Working with a life coach can produce vast improvements in clients’ lives and relationships. We aren’t always given the tools needed to navigate difficult situations in life and coaching is an opportunity to define areas of life in which you need some extra support and receive action oriented direction on how to get there. 


Whether you want to work through issues in your personal life or relationship, working with a Certified Life Coach can help. Coaches can provide a safe, non judgmental environment where you can identify the barriers keeping you from the life and relationships you want and create a roadmap with specific strategies that will help you meet your goals. 

I Think I Could Benefit From Working with an Online Life Coach. How Can I Get Started?


If you think coaching could be helpful for your life and relationships, we’d be happy to help. Please schedule a free 30 minute consultation with our Intake Coordinator who will learn more about your goals and answer any questions you might have.