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Find a Sex Therapist in Austin & Throughout Texas

What Even is Sex Therapy? 

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, that focuses on concerns, conditions, and exploration around human sexuality and the connections sexuality has to mental health. Sex therapists are mental health professionals first and then continue to get extra credentialing that trains them to work with clients around treatment related to sexual health.

In sex therapy, therapists are also trained to work with individuals and couples who identify as LGBTQ+, clients of all gender identity, and also clients of alternative lifestyles such as polyamory or ethical non-monogamy. Sex therapy is meant to be sex-positive and ultimately help you have the most fulfilling, empowered, and pleasurable sex life possible, whether solo or in relationship(s) with others.

How Does Sex Therapy Work?

For individuals, you would work with your sex therapist similarly to regular counseling. The focus is the primary difference because with sex therapy you are taking a proactive look at your intimate life. It can encompass any area of your sexual health, healing past sexual trauma, sexual identity, sexual issues and your libido. 

If you have questions regarding if couples sex therapy could help your relationship, we’re happy to speak with you about your goals and see if sex therapy is a good fit.

What Does Sex Therapy Help Treat?


Sex therapy can be helpful for folks who are experiencing certain challenges around sex whether an individual or within romantic and/or sexual relationships. Some of the common themes sex therapists can help with through counseling services includes, but isn’t limited to:

  •     Low sexual desire 
  •     Mismatched libido with partner(s) 
  •     Compulsive porn use or sexual behaviors 
  •     Healing from sexual trauma
  •     Repressed sexual shame 
  •     Purity culture trauma & sexuality 
  •     Erectile difficulties
  •     Performance anxiety
  •     Pain during sex
  •     Delayed ejaculation 
  •     Struggles/inability to reach orgasm 
  •     Kinks, fetishes, and BDSM
  •     Exploring sexual and gender identity 
  •     Opening a relationship (poly, ENM, swinging, etc.)

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What Makes Someone a Sex Therapist?

Our sex therapists are members of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and are Certified Sex Therapists or on the path to becoming certified. 

 Sex therapy sessions are 50 minutes traditionally, but can be longer upon request. 

It’s important to note that sex therapy never involves any kind of sexual touch, physical touch or contact between patient and therapist. Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy, so sex can be discussed, but will never include physical or verbal sexual contact.

Sex Therapy Sounds Interesting – How Do I Work with a Sex Therapist at Modern Intimacy?

The first step would be scheduling a complimentary consultation with one of our Intake Specialists here at our practice. During this 30 minute call, we’ll gather some information on what your goals are so we can ensure that we have the services and a provider on our team who can help with what you’re looking for support around. We can also use this time to answer any questions you might have about our services, therapists, rates, questions about availability and insurance, and more.