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Find a Sex Therapist in Minneapolis & Minnesota

What is Sex Therapy? 

It’s not uncommon to have a reaction to the idea of “sex therapy.” For many, it brings up questions, curiosities, and maybe even anxiety, since sex tends to be a more taboo topic in certain cultures. At Modern Intimacy, we see sexuality as an important and inherent part of one’s identity, and not just referring to sexual orientation, but also one’s personal relationship with sex. Sex therapy can be helpful for those who have aspects of their sex life that they would like to improve or explore more deeply with the help of a mental and sexual health professional. 

Sex therapy, as the name suggests, focuses in on goals and concerns clients have related to sexual functioning, health, improving satisfaction, and more. People usually seek out the specialty of sex therapy when their goals for therapy revolve around an aspect of sexual health or sexuality and during the course of treatment, a sex therapist will help the client explore and reach whatever goals they have for themselves through therapy. 

A sex therapist is a mental health professional who has done extracurricular trainings and certifications to be well-equipped to work with clients around sex and intimacy concerns. Sex therapists are experts in human sexuality and work with myriad situations and conditions that commonly bring individuals and couples to therapy. 

What Does Sex Therapy Treat?

There is a wide variety of sex/intimacy concerns and curiosities that bring people to sex therapy. Sometimes people start sex therapy to treat a certain sexual health condition or overcome obstacles getting in the way of their ideal sex life. Other times, there may not be anything necessarily “wrong” with one’s sex life, but they may want to explore their sexual identity, implement a different dating lifestyle with their partner such as ethical non-monogamy or polyamory, or simply want to expand upon their sexual experiences. 

Some common areas of treatment that sex therapy can be a great fit for can include:

  • Sexual Dysfunctions (Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, & more)
  • Experiencing pain during sex 
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Desire discrepancy with a partner 
  • Sex after major bodily changes (pregnancy, postpartum)
  • Compulsive sexual behavior 
  • Healing from sexual trauma 
  • Exploring alternative relationship styles (ENM, polyamory, & more)
  • Affirming therapy for queer relationships 
  • Impacts to sex after infidelity or betrayal 
  • Implementing BDSM & kink into a relationship
  • Working through differences in sexual preferences with a partner 
  • Exploring sexual orientation/identity 

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Do Sex Therapists Work with Couples?

Absolutely! Sex therapy can be done with either individuals or couples. Sometimes, individuals will work with a sex therapist individually and another for therapy as a couple. Intimacy is often (but of course, not always!) a two-way street when you’re in a sexual relationship. In couples sex therapy, working with a sex therapist can provide couples with strategies and guidance that is tailored to the unique needs and desires of the couple. 

I’m Interested, but Have a Few Questions – Is there Someone I Can Speak With at Modern Intimacy? 

For all new clients, we offer a complimentary consultation call with one of our Intake Specialists so we can learn more about what you’re looking for, make sure we have the right services you’re seeking, and answer any questions you might have for us.  To schedule that consultation, you can select a day and time that works best for you here

 We look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss therapy in Minneapolis and Minnesota!