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Meet Digital Media Coordinator, Claudia Vera

Claudia Vera | Digital Media Coordinator


Claudia Vera is a writer, graphic designer, and content strategist based in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies with a degree in Sexology and Trauma-Informed Therapy.

In 2020, Claudia founded Pillowtalk, a YouTube channel centered around accessible sexual education and sociological commentary. Her videos aimed to destigmatize subjects surrounding sexuality and pleasure while providing entry points to various clinical sources. 


She is particularly passionate about trauma-informed therapy practices, and plans to attend a graduate program for applied psychology. 

To feel comfortable in one’s sexuality, and embark on the search for pleasure is what makes us human – it connects us deeper than we can imagine, and is an experience that should be safe and accessible to all. Combating the stigma surrounding mental health and sex ensures that a future driven by care and connection is possible.”

– Claudia Vera –

Claudia's Approach to Social Media


As a content marketer, Claudia hopes to harness the expansive reach of social media to continue sharing open-source information on sexuality to the public.





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