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It can be difficult to know what programs out there are worth investing in, so here are a few programs we love at Modern Intimacy.

Courtney V. Core & Pelvic Floor Exercise Program

Pelvic floor expert, fitness trainer, and Poosh contributor Courtney V developed her online Core & Pelvic Floor Program after fixing her own pelvic floor issues and those of so many others. Living a life with bladder or bowel issues (such as peeing when you sneeze or jump), sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, low back and hip pain, organ prolapse, and more can alter the way you live your life. Many feel hopeless, shameful, and embarrassed. This powerful program holds the key to transform your life and reduce or eliminate the physical, mental, and emotional issues that surround these all too common issues.  

Dr. Kate’s Insights

Courtney V. is a champion for pelvic floor health and physical fitness. A certified Personal Trainer, Courtney is skilled at helping people optimize their fitness goals and intimate health needs. Courtney V. is passionate about women’s sexual health and wellness, and her programs for pelvic floor training are a gift for any woman looking to reduce incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and lean into more pleasurable, embodied sex.

Mentally Fit

Mentally Fit is a worldwide community that helps people get access to support and resources for improving mental health.

Created by people who truly understand what people with mental health challenges go through, because they have lived through it themselves.

Backed by leading mental health professionals and advocates, with Advisory Board members including: Dr. Kate Balestrieri, Dr. Mark Goulston, M.D., Dr. Carly Manly, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, and Tony Coelho (fmr US House of Representatives).

Dr. Kate’s Insights

Mentally Fit is an organization developed by compassionate people, who understand the need for portable tips to manage mental health symptoms. Designed for therapists and non-therapists alike, Mentally Fit provides free and low-cost online support and resources for anyone who wants more mental health tools at their fingertips. Dr. Balestrieri has served on the Board of Directors for Mentally Fit since 2019, and agreed to do so because of the shared vision between Mentally Fit and Modern Intimacy, to make mental health care more accessible to everyone.

Modern Intimacy Staff Favorites

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