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Find a Sex Therapist in Los Angeles & All California

How Can A Los Angeles Sex Therapist Help Me/Us?

Sex therapy is very much like individual therapy with an intentional focus on sex and sexuality. It includes everything that happens in your sex life, your sexual health, any sexual dysfunctions or challenges in the bedroom that are harming your ability to enjoy your sexuality in a healthy way.

Sex therapy can happen as an individual or as a couple. You’re not required to go with your partner or spouse, but by going as a couple, your intimate connection and clarity about your relationship can increase.

How Are Sex Therapists Different From “Regular” Therapists?

Modern Intimacy’s sex therapists have specialized training on the intersections of sex and psychology. This expertise allows them to help patients navigate how their mental health might be affecting their sexual health and functioning, and vice versa, in a non judgmental space.

It’s a subtle but very important distinction and it’s what helps sex therapists to achieve results with their clients with greater depth at a faster pace than non-sex therapists or traditional couples counseling might achieve. A Certified Sex therapist maintains a sex-positive approach to sexuality in general, and is trained to understand that healthy sex takes many shapes and forms.

What Can a Sex Therapist Help Me With?

Sex therapy encapsulates everything that goes on in the mind, body and thoughts around sex. Our our sex therapists can help you with:

      • Healing from sexual trauma
      • Low libido or no interest in sex
      • Difficulty reaching orgasm
      • Re-defining what healthy sexuality means to you
      • Sex addiction, porn addiction or other addictive challenge affecting your sex life
      • Sexual dysfunctions (ED, vaginismus and more)
      • Sexual shame, guilt or repression
      • Understanding your sexual orientation
      • Sex during pregnancy and after childbirth
      • Sex during perimenopause and menopause
      • Sexual confidence
      • Kink, BDSM, and fetishes
      • LGBTQ+ affirming therapy
      • Erectile dysfunction + early (premature) ejaculation
      • Painful intercourse or other pain during sex
      • Polyamory or Ethical non-monogamy

Couples sex therapy can address the situations above plus:

      • Concerns about arousal or mismatched libidos
      • Sexual desire + improving sexual satisfaction
      • Painful intercourse or other pain experienced during sex
      • Improving communication about sex
      • Exploring polyamory, open relationships + ethical non-monogamy
      • Differences in sexual preferences
      • And more

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Does Sex Therapy Include Any Physical Touching?

Absolutely not. Sex therapy never includes any form of sexual, physical touch or contact of any kind. Sex therapists are mental health professionals who adhere to the same code of ethics as any other care-giving professions.

There can and will obviously be conversations about sex and intimacy in a safe, sex positive space, however, sex therapists will not engage in any requests or conversation that is sexually stimulating.

I’m Ready To Explore Sex Therapy in Los Angeles or In California, What’s Next?

Feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation below with our Intake Specialist to start the conversation. Prioritizing your sexual health is essential. Counseling is an investment, and it’s one that has the ability to improve your relationship in ways you might not have felt possible.