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Therapy Denver + Sex Therapy In Denver & All Of Colorado

Let Us Help You Find a Therapist Or Sex Therapist in Denver & All Colorado

If you’re ready to take the brave step to find a therapist in Denver, we can absolutely help you.  We offer a unique therapy environment for clients who are ready to explore what it takes to live a healthier, happier life. 

It doesn’t take “having it all together” to be ready for therapy. Quite the opposite really. All it requires to be successful in therapy is a willingness to explore openly and honestly what is not working in your life. Whether you want therapy for yourself, or you’re looking for couples or sex therapy, we have clinicians in Denver who can help you.

Let’s explore a few of our therapeutic services so you can determine what’s right for you. And, at any time, if you would prefer to speak to someone instead of reading our website, just click the “consultation” link above and you can schedule a call with our team free of charge. 

What therapy services do you offer in Denver?

We offer a variety of services in Denver, including individual therapy, couples therapy, sex therapy and EMDR for trauma recovery. All of our clinicians are licensed in Colorado, and certified across the state. For your convenience, all of our clinical services are offered virtually so you can speak with your therapist from the privacy of your home.



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Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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How do I know what therapy services I need or which ones are right for me?

Great question. Generally speaking there are a few targeted questions to consider as you decide what kind of therapy you’re looking for. 

Individual therapy is usually for anyone who is struggling with communication, decision making, grief, and mental health challenges like depression or anxiety.

Our licensed Denver counselors can help you with any of the following challenges:

  • Your personal story and identity
  • Past traumas (relationship, childhood, physical and emotional traumas)
  • Your current relationships and they stress they bring
  • Your internal beliefs and how you experience the world
  • Intense or deflated moods and mood swings
  • Common expressions of mental illness including anxiety and depression
  • Feeling trapped in your life, work or choices
  • Behaviors and patterns around conflict, boundaries and self care
  • And more

You can seek more specialized support if your concerns are about sexual intimacy, sexual dysfunctions or your sex life in general by working with a certified sex therapist. All of our sex therapists are AASECT certified and have specialized training on the intersections of sex and psychology. 

Sex therapy is for individuals or couples and can delve deeply into a couple’s sexual connection, as well as challenges with your sex life. 


Our licensed Denver sex therapists can help you with:

  • Low libido, hot and cold libido, and mismatched libido
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • Heightened arousal or interest in sex 
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Sexual challenges from ED to vaginismus and more
  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Sex, porn or other addiction that are hurting your life or relationships
  • Compulsive sexual behavior 
  • Exploring your sexual identity
  • Sex during and after kids
  • Mid-life sex and challenges with menopause and perimenopause
  • Feeling confident in the bedroom
  • Exploring new sexual expressions in the form of kink, BDSM, and fetishes
  • Polyamory or Ethical non-monogamy
  • Sexual shame, guilt or repression

Sex therapy can happen as an individual or with your partner. Our couples sex therapists are trained to support you with your partner, giving you an opportunity to work in partnership on your mutual goals.


We also offer couples counseling in Denver and support clients with a wide range of relationship issues including:

  • Improve communication, conflict and finding peace at home
  • Sex and intimacy challenges
  • Infidelity recovery and prevention
  • Betrayal trauma (from childhood or adulthood)
  • Common life transitions including divorce, empty nest, aging, job/career changes and more
  • Substance or other behavioral addictions
  • Premarital counseling and divorce prevention
  • Parenting and co-parenting
  • Navigating long-distance relationships
  • Living with mental illness or chronic illness
  • And more

Finally, we offer EMDR and trauma recovery support.

Trauma can deeply interrupt a person’s life and livelihood. Healing takes time, patience and skills. Our EMDR therapists are trained to help you with childhood trauma as well as traumas that have occurred in your adult life.

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a therapeutic technique that helps people relieve psychological stress around traumatic life experiences. EMDR treatment is a proven effective for the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addiction, and other mental health conditions.

Our trained trauma therapists offer EMDR among other evidence-based healing techniques to help you feel less emotionally triggered by traumatic memories, decrease the symptoms your traumatic memories have on your mind and body, and feel more in control of your life.

Are Individual Sessions Held In Person or Virtually?

At present, all of our therapists are conducting therapy sessions virtually, via telehealth. Since transitioning to 100% telehealth services at the height of the pandemic, we have found that virtual therapy sessions tend to provide our clients with the same quality of care as in-person sessions, with an added convenience.

Our secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform enables you to connect with a therapist virtually via video. Convenient, automatic reminders and calendar invites make it easy to remember your appointment time.

How Can I Book an Appointment/Consultation?

If you feel ready to get started, but still have a few questions, feel free to reach out. We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation where our Intake Specialist can learn more about your goals, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and align you with the therapist who is the best fit for your needs.