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Couples Therapy in Minneapolis & Minnesota

My Partner and I Are Interested in Couples Therapy – Is That Some Modern Intimacy Offers?


At Modern Intimacy, we frequently are working with couples to improve and deepen various aspects of their relationship. We understand how important relationships are to who a person is and their well-being and are passionate about helping people have the happiest and most fulfilling relationships they can. Whether you and your parter are looking for support in improving your sex life, overcoming conflict in a healthy way, or deepening your connection – we have an amazing team of experienced mental health professionals who can help. 

What Does Modern Intimacy Usually Help Couples Work Through? 

We certainly do help couples work through relational obstacles, but also want to mention that sometimes, relationships don’t need to be “fixed” necessarily. Some believe that couples only go to couples therapy when the relationship problems are at their breaking point, which does happen, but isn’t always the case. Whether couples in in dire need for resolution or want to explore the relationship, rather than fix an element of it, couples counseling can help.

Some common relationship problems and focus areas that we often work with couples around can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Improving communication skills 
  • Learning healthier ways to fight/argue 
  • Marriage counseling 
  • Lack of emotional/sexual intimacy in the relationship 
  • Conflict within the family 
  • Co-parenting 
  • Navigating breakups and divorce amicably 
  • Resentment present in the relationship 
  • Examining misalignments in values 
  • Disagreements over finances 
  • Navigating major life transitions 
  • Differences in desire for sex 
  • Infidelity, betrayal, and rupture in the relationship 
  • Presence of compulsive porn use or sexual behaviors

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Judgement-Free Counseling

Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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My Partner and I Have Had Trouble Finding a Therapist Who Supports our Alternative Relationship Style and Queer Identities. Is Modern Intimacy Sex Positive and Queer Affirming? 

One of the most important ethos of Modern Intimacy is creating an environment of sex positivity. In our society, there can be so much judgement for individuals and couples whose relationship(s) look different than the “norm” of compulsory monogamy. To counteract that judgement, any client who works with a Modern Intimacy therapist can expect to be treated with openness, curiosity, and a non-judgmental demeanor towards whichever way you decide to exist in the world and in your relationships. Relationships, like people, are unique and what works for one couple, might be incompatible for another. At Modern Intimacy, we’re focusing on your unique relationship and offering guidance that is in alignment with your values, desires, needs, and preferences. 

How Are Relationship Counseling Sessions Conducted? Do You Offer Telehealth Sessions? 

At this time, our practice is operating solely via telehealth. While we do not have a virtual office at this time, we utilize an easy to use, privacy-protected Telehealth platform that prioritizes both your privacy and convenience of not commuting to an office. 

While Telehealth is an effective way of conducting therapy, it’s also important to consider the space where you will be attending the virtual sessions. It’s ideal to be in a private and quiet room where you can feel safe to freely express yourself and share authentically with the therapist.

Do You Accept Insurance for Couples Therapy in Minneapolis? 

At this time, Modern Intimacy as a practice and our therapists are not paneled or contracted with any insurance providers so we do not currently accept insurance. We understand that therapy can be a hefty financial commitment and appreciate that accessibility to therapy is important. While we do not accept insurance, we can provide superbills which can potentially be submitted to your insurance provider for out of network reimbursement. To learn more about your eligibility for out of network benefits via superbills, feel free to contact your insurance company directly as they will be able to answer questions that are specific to your exact insurance plan. Please note that we do not contact insurance on your behalf and it is each client’s responsibility to coordinate reimbursement with their insurance provider.

If superbills won’t work for you, for whatever reason, we are always happy to discuss the opportunity for a sliding scale rate. A sliding scale rate simply means that we can lower the standard fee for therapy for those who need a little more financial assistance with paying for sessions. To learn more about availability for a sliding scale, feel free to contact us either by scheduling a consultation, sending us an email, or giving us a call to the office. We’d be more than happy to discuss how we can make therapy services accessible and sustainable.


My Partner and I Would Like to Move Forward with Next Steps. What’s Next?

We’d be more than happy to speak with you and your partner about how we can help your relationship thrive. Typically, we start with a complimentary phone call with our Intake Specialist so we can learn more about your needs and ensure we can provide the services you’re looking for. We also will be listening to assess which provider on our team would be the best fit for your needs. During this call, we’re happy to discuss any questions or concerns that might be on your mind and get you scheduled with a member of our team, if everything feels like a match.