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Modern Intimacy is here to help you! Dr. Kate Balestrieri and her team of well-trained Clinical Associates offer a variety of specialized approaches to individual, couples, and group therapy. In addition, we offer online coaching and therapy to help those with competing schedules or geography. 

Individual Therapy

Our clinicians recognize everyone is different, and designs a plan together with you, to help you move toward your goals. We adapt to you and use our extensive list of innovative skills to help you capitalize on your strengths, and liven your potential.

Couples Therapy

Relationships like yours deserve special attention, so you can build back the intimacy you crave, address the hurts, and establish a lasting connection or conscious dissolution. Our clinicians are excellent in helping couples address conflict, build repair, and rekindle respect, love, equanimity, and fairness.

Healing Toxic Relationships

Whether the toxic relationship you were in was romantic, platonic, professional or with family, the scars can be long to disappear. This innovative program blends education, self-regulation, social support, and real-life steps to help you access your resilience, set realistic and sustainable boundaries, and lay a foundation to avoid getting swept up in future toxic patterns.

Anger Management

Anger is born out of unmet needs and is destructive when unmet needs to meet ineffective communication. Our anger management program is rich with practical tools to help you channel your anger into effective relational strategies that can help you get what you want, negotiate, and tolerate your frustrations when getting what you want is not an option.

Somatic Therapy


Online Therapy & Coaching

Coaching and Telehealth therapy services, so you can receive expert when and where you need it.

Assessments & Psychological Evaluations

The clarity of a thorough psychological evaluation or well designed assessment can help you get clarity on how to define the problem, and decide what measures are helpful in finding solutions. Our team can help you determine what kind of assessment can help best to provide a clear path to successful treatment.



Healing from Trauma with Revive & Thrive: Yoga, Therapy & Healing

Healing from trauma is best accomplished with an integration of the cognitive, emotional, relational, and somatic elements. This program has them all, so you can heal holistically.

Healing from Porn Addiction

Compulsive consumption of porn can negatively impact someone’s romantic relationship, sexual functioning, and other areas of life. Help is available!

Women’s Sexuality Course

Many women have questions about sexuality, over the course of their lives, but don’ know where to start. This team of experts has come together to provide answers in this online workshop, helping women understand and enrich a healthy and enlivened sexuality.

Healing from Infidelity – 12 Week Course

Infidelity can be an especially traumatic and isolating experience. Our expert developed program can help you put the pieces of your life back together, whether you stay in or end the relationship, and heal the trauma of betrayal.



Each therapist at Modern Intimacy is highly trained and experienced in helping patients with a very wide variety of topics. Below are some of our specialties! If at any point we feel that we are not the best fit for you and your personal needs, we will do our best to help guide you in the right direction.


Trauma is a subjective experience, and our clinicians are highly trained to help each person move beyond their pain, so they can feel whole again, and firmly in their resilience.


Our clinicians help individuals and couples address gender-related and sexual trauma, dysfunction, compulsivity, proclivities, transition and/or lifestyle, without shame or judgment, to foster empowerment, excitement, and renewal with your sexuality.

Addiction & Compulsive Behavior

Addictive behaviors start as a coping mechanism, and eventually, they stop helping and start getting in the way. Our clinicians help each person address the underlying causes of addiction, and build effective coping strategies that are sustainable. We work with substance abuse, chemical dependency, disordered eating, gambling disorders, sex/love addiction, and more.


Human beings exist in relationship to others throughout their lives, and relationships are messy by design. Our clinicians help people navigate their relationships more effectively, create peace after turmoil or betrayal, and dive deeper into intimacy.