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Using Mindfulness to Have Mind-Blowing Sex


Two people use mindfulness to have mind blowing sex.

Mindfulness is an exercise that encourages you to be completely focused on the present moment. It is a state of meditation where you pay close attention to your feelings and sensations in the current moment with no judgement or interpretation. Not only does mindfulness help ease anxiety, depression, and help regulate emotions, but it can also help you have the most mind blowing sex of your life.

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems relatively simple, but it does take some practice. An easy way to get started is just by taking little moments from your day and practicing being present. For example, when you are eating a snack, focus on the texture of the snack both in your hands and in your mouth. You may also focus on the feeling of the food against your teeth and really pay attention to the specific flavors. It may be overwhelming to try to sit down and just be mindful for 30 minutes, so practicing mindfulness in smaller segments throughout the day can help you get used to the practice and be able to use it for longer periods of time.

No matter what comes up, accept the thoughts without judgement and then focus on the next breath or sensation. There is no wrong way to think, but mindfulness is about acknowledging exactly what you’re feeling in the present moment.

How to Use Mindfulness for Mind Blowing Sex

This same principle can be used during sex to enhance pleasure and help you have the most amazing sex of your life!

Many people have fallen victim to overthinking during sex. They may be thinking about appearances, whether their partner is bored, a problem they have going on at work, or experiencing general anxiety, it’s extremely difficult to focus on pleasure while the mind is elsewhere.

In order to start having mind blowing sex, it is essential to be completely present. That may sound obvious, but it’s very easy for people’s minds to wander. Consider focusing on…

  1. The feeling of your partner’s skin on your fingertips,
  2. Your breathing pattern and your partner’s breathing,
  3. The way your lips feel press against their lips,
  4. Focusing on exactly what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, or
  5. The feeling of being connected to your partner.

These are all just starting points to help keep you present. The trick is to channel all of your energy into pleasure in the present moment. You can do this by focusing on erogenous zones or genitals that bring you pleasure and give yourself permission to be present in the moment and just go with it!

Again, mindfulness takes practice, and it’s important to not be hard on yourself if you don’t perfect the practice immediately. Some may find it helpful to create a reminder word for themselves when they find their mind wandering. Even just saying the word “center” to yourself can help you acknowledge that your mind wandered (which is to be expected!) and bring you back to the present moment.

In addition to mindfulness, using other techniques can only help make your sex more enjoyable. While techniques are important and helpful, the best way to please your partner is to ask your partner what they like! Everyone is different and has different sexual interests.  You may not be sexually compatible with everybody in your life, but effective communication and mindfulness can help bring your sex life to the next level, and you will never look back.

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Jessie Ripes

Jessie is the Digital Media Coordinator at Modern Intimacy. A recent graduate of the University of Miami (FL), with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Psychology, she hopes to become a clinical psychologist and a certified sex therapist. She is passionate about empowering women to speak up in a professional and a personal setting.



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