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Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that primarily occurs in romantic relationships, but it is not unheard of in platonic or familial relationships as well. At times, due to the confusing nature of gaslighting, it may be difficult to identify if you are experiencing it. Read on and take this Am I Being Gaslighted quiz to assess if you have ever dealt with gaslighting.


Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz


The very definition of being gaslit means to manipulate someone using psychological methods in order to make someone question their own sanity or powers of reasoning. To be gaslit hinges on the creation of self-doubt for the partner and is also a form of emotional abuse. Individuals facing chronic infidelity or other relational problems often experience:


  • Making you question versions of event/what was said and begin to distrust yourself
    • “Maybe they were right, and I did have the details wrong.” You may begin to frequently wonder if your version and experience of events is accurate.


  • Feeling alone and powerless
    • “Everyone has to think I’m unstable, just like my partner says I am.” You may begin to be afraid of what others think of you due to what the gas lighting partner is saying to you.


  • Doubting your own feelings of reality and heightened feelings of confusion
    • “Maybe what happened wasn’t as big as I made it out to be.”


  • Worrying that you are being too sensitive
    • Your partner may try to make a joke out of the situation or minimize your feelings. In addition, your partner may also attempt to make you feel as if you have exaggerated the occurrence.


  • Wondering what’s wrong with you
    • Fear of never feeling “good enough.” You may begin to question your worth as a person or a as a partner.


  • Feeling a sense of insecurity
    • Do you experience negative self-esteem or sense of self-worth? You may also feel like you are walking on eggshells around your partner.


  • Frequent apologizing
    • Do you notice a consistent feeling that you are always making a mistake? This can be a warning sign that you aren’t feeling secure or safe enough to speak your reality.


  • Your partner acting like the victim when being questioned
    • The gaslighter will attempt to take blame off themselves by attempting to disguise what they are being accused of, diverting the blame to you.


  • You’re often reminded of your shortcomings
    • Your partner may feel threatened by your successes and find ways to sabotage your confidence and self-esteem and overall strive to make you feel bad constantly.


  • You work to continuously seek acceptance from a partner
    • Despite being treated poorly, you attempt to frequently gain the gaslighter’s acceptance. This is done in an attempt to foster closeness and love again.


If you have answered yes to at least 3 out of the 10 examples listed above, you likely have experienced some form of gaslighting.

Now What?


What do you do with the information that you learned from taking this quiz? Left unaddressed, the impacts of gaslighting can have a significant negative influence on your mental health and self-esteem. Know that you are never alone and you are not to blame for what you have experienced. You and you alone are the expert to how you are feeling, and if you are seeking help, there are many trained professionals that are willing to assist you along this journey.

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Author Bio

Raquel VanLoon, LCPC, CSAT, CADC, is a Clinical Associate for Modern Intimacy. Raquel feels passionate about helping individuals through their journey on becoming their most authentic selves in any relationship or setting. Raquel works with people to develop and maintain healthy boundaries.



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