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Do Women Like Anal Sex? It Depends

by | Jan 10, 2022 | SEXUALITY, WOMENS HEALTH

A partner wonders do women like anal sex?

Over seventy percent of Americans have tried oral sex. That number includes women of all sexual orientations.

But, do women enjoy having anal sex? Or are they just pleasing their partners? The short answer? It depends on the woman.


What Is Anal Sex?


Anal sex is exactly what it sounds like. The stereotypical idea that only gay men enjoy having anal sex, is simply not true. People of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy anal sex. But, anal sex may feel different to people with different bodies.


Anal sex feels different for people with or without a prostate. Prostate stimulation can add an extra layer of pleasure to the process. But, those without prostates can still find that anal sex will feel good due to the nerve endings in the area.


Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?


Some women absolutely enjoy anal sex. And, some women do not. And some have mixed feelings. In one survey of 2000 adults, roughly 37% of women endorsed having had anal sex with an opposite sex partner.


Like anything else, it’s a personal choice. Lots of women like anal sex just as much as they like vaginal sex, and many even enjoy anal sex more. Orgasms are orgasms, even when they’re anal orgasms. Yes… anal orgasms are a real thing.


If you don’t enjoy anal sex or aren’t interested in trying, that’s perfectly okay. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want and don’t want out of your sexual relationships. Its also okay to be curious and not have all the answers.


If you’re a woman who is curious about anal sex but is struggling with giving yourself permission, try taking a course that will help you feel more sex positive and embrace your relationship with sex (whether or not you ever decide to try anal).


It’s important to be comfortable when you’re engaging in sexual activities. Like with anything else, you shouldn’t pressure a partner into anal sex, nor should anyone attempt to pressure you into anal sex. Enthusiastic consent is necessary for all sexual activities.



How to Have Anal Sex – Its All About Preparation


Enjoyable anal sex involves a bit of prep work. Be ready to use lots of lube to make sure the person on the bottom is not injured. Ideally, anal training in advance is ideal, using fingers, beads, or butt plugs for anal stimulation, so that anal sex with a penis or larger dildo/vibrator is as easy as possible. It is best to go slow, so the receiving partner can adjust to the sensation and gauge their limits. Like with any form of sex, if it begins to hurt (and pain is not your thing), stop.


Contrary to what you may see in porn, it is generally not recommended to go from anal penetration to vaginal penetration, without washing genitals and/or props. Going from back to front can spread bacteria and lead to urinary tract infections.

It’s still important to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections when you’re having anal sex. This is true for anyone who’s sexually active. Use condoms, especially when you’re having sex with a new partner and haven’t had a chance to get tested yet. You’ll also want to try and follow the general guidelines for having any sort of good sex so that all partners involved enjoy themselves.


If you and your partner having trouble communicating your feelings about sex or other issues, you might want to consider couples’ counseling to get you on the same page.


Do Women Like Anal Sex? It Depends


Clearly, answering do women like anal sex? is complicated. It all depends on the specific woman, the level of comfort they feel with a partner, and what they’re looking for out of their sex life.


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Dr. Kate Balestrieri is a Licensed Psychologist (CA, FL, IL + NY), Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and PACT III trained Couples Therapist. She is the Founder of Modern Intimacy. Follow her on TikTok and IG @drkatebalestrieri and the Modern Intimacy team on IG @themodernintimacy.



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  1. Mr. Grossed Out

    You did not discuss the hygienic aspect (or dangers) of anal. It is a major vector point for diseases like HIV among many others because you are essentially having sex in a sewer. Bacteria and viruses are rife in the GI tract, and to my knowledge, one would need to clean out the entire GI system first, which if you have had a colonoscopy, is not very much fun. Plus there is the likelihood of tears in the anal tissues – because they are not designed to be treated that way. An enema might clean out the colon initially, but there are still miles of intestines that are constantly processing the feces, and when stimulated, can let forth diarrhea.

    Please post something about this aspect of anal. And for God’s sake make sure people understand you cannot penetrate the anus and then go back to the vagina without effective cleaning. Or oral for that manner. There is also the question of hemorrhoids that can become inflamed by irritation. Sex is good and fun, but anal sex means a whole extra dimension of hygiene

  2. Vernon Joy

    How can I convince someone to have anal sex?


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