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Can Couples Therapy in Los Angeles Help You in 2020?

by | Nov 25, 2020 | RELATIONSHIPS

This is a photo of two people in couples therapy in Los Angeles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt more than just our health. It is also having a major effect on people’s relationships. Speaking with a therapist can keep COVID-19 stress from causing more problems. Whether you feel like your relationship is struggling or not, couples therapy in Los Angeles is a good way of strengthening your connection to your partner.

Covid Is Putting More Strain on Romantic Relationships

Just two months after lockdowns started, interest in divorce had increased by a whopping 34 percent. The effect on couples who were newly together was particularly bad, with rates of divorce among newlyweds more than doubling. Why is this happening? There are a few key issues behind all the COVID relationship problems.

First of all, people are simply spending more time together. Before the pandemic, it was possible to ignore relationship issues by escaping to work or going to spend time with friends. However, especially during the lockdown, many couples went weeks without any time apart. This makes it a lot easier to notice annoying habits and far harder to disregard potential problems.

Another reason is all the financial difficulties related to the virus. Financial problems are one of the top 10 reasons people seek couples therapy in Los Angeles. With thousands of businesses failing and millions of people unemployed, couples face all sorts of financial challenges. This can easily lead to a lot of hurt feelings and disagreements.

Even if your relationship is not in major trouble, COVID-19 has most likely added some strain. Research from the American Psychological Association found that people’s stress levels were roughly 20 percent higher than normal. All of the background stress of uncertainty, worry, and anxiety make it hard to focus on a healthy relationship. You may find that you are snapping at your partner more, getting your feelings hurt more easily, and having more trouble enjoying time with your partner.

Benefits of Getting Couples Therapy in Los Angeles During the Pandemic

Don’t let the difficulties of the pandemic keep you from enjoying a healthy relationship. Whether you feel like your relationship is in serious trouble or not, Los Angeles couples therapy is always a good idea. It helps you take stock of your relationship and find the best ways of interacting with your partner. Here are a few of the many benefits associated with therapy during COVID 19.

Find Healthier Ways of Addressing Conflict

Couples therapists have studied all sorts of techniques for maintaining a healthy relationship. Their conflict resolution skills can come in handy whenever you and your partner are having disagreements. 1Even if you do not have any major disagreements right now, learning these tools comes in handy. When conflicts inevitably pop up, you can handle them properly instead of allowing little issues to devolve into massive arguments.

Learn How to Make Each Other Feel Supported

Couples therapy in Los Angeles is about more than just solving conflicts. It is also about learning how to strengthen and enhance your relationship. Your therapist can guide you and your partner in discovering your love languages. You can develop techniques that address your partner’s specific needs and help them feel loved and encouraged. Especially during the pandemic, being able to give each other support can greatly build up your relationship.

Discover More About Your Partner

Learning more about your partner’s interests, goals, and ways of thinking are always beneficial in a relationship. Often, a therapist facilitates this process because they can ask questions you and your partner haven’t even thought about discussing. Some people may feel more comfortable talking to a therapist instead of addressing their opinions directly to their partner, so therapy helps them open up. This can give you a lot of helpful insight into what your partner is thinking and feeling.

Get Insight From a Neutral Party

One of the big benefits of a therapist is that they are not an active party in the relationship. It can be hard to consider things objectively when you’re dealing with the stress of illness, financial problems, and career challenges. However, a couples therapist in Los Angeles can step outside the situation and look at the big picture. This can help you identify behaviors that might be harmful and assist you with finding compromises in tricky situations.

Stay Healthy With Online Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

During the pandemic, any search for a couple’s therapist has to include more than just you Googling, “couples therapy near me.” Instead, you need to think carefully about how you can get therapy without risking your health. The good news is that more and more relationship therapists are switching to online therapy.

Online therapy during COVID is incredibly similar to regular therapy. The big difference is just that you chat via video call instead of visiting your therapist’s office in person. This allows you and your partner to stay safe while getting the help you need. You still go over the same topics like communication, trust, and respect. However, your therapist will also bring up how pandemic-related stressors may be affecting your relationship.

Even though your couples counseling is online, it is still a good idea to find a therapist who lives near you. Your environment invariably has an effect on your mental health and relationship, so it is helpful to talk to someone who understands what your culture and surroundings are like. For example, a couples therapist in Los Angeles would instantly be able to acknowledge the stress associated with having to use I-405 each morning to head to work. This extra bit of perception lets you focus on your relationship stress instead of having to spend a lot of time explaining your background.

Looking for couples therapy in Los Angeles? We work with couples in any part of LA, from Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Studio City and DTLA.  Modern Intimacy is happy to assist people of all genders, relationship types, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations.

We focus on ensuring that each person in the relationship can identify their own needs while working together as a team. Our main goal is to help you and any partners achieve better understanding, closeness, and communication. Schedule a free consultation now to learn how marriage counseling or couples therapy can help.

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