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Financial Domination – What Is It About?

by | Dec 26, 2022 | KINK, SEXUALITY

An ATM represents financial domination.

If you’ve ever had an unusual fantasy when it comes to sex, you’re not alone. Studies show that over 30% of people have experimented with some type of sexual kink or fetish.


These range from BDSM to foot fetishes to voyeurism. In the privacy of your home and with consent from your partner, exploring fetishes is a fun and natural part of your sexuality.


Financial domination is a trending fetish that has its roots in BDSM and creates an arousing power exchange between two people with the use of money.


Keep reading for everything you need to know about financial domination and how to explore this sexual fetish.


What Is Financial Domination?


Also known as findom, financial domination is a relationship between two people where the dominant one takes control of the submissive one through money.


It is considered a form of BDSM because of the dominant and submissive roles that each person plays. There can be a level of humiliation and slavery involved by turning the sub into a human ATM, otherwise known as a “pay pig.” Both people are consenting and the submissive person finds the exchange arousing and may even empty their bank account in devotion to the dominatrix.


A financial dominatrix can open an Instagram, YouTube or Twitter account or other forms of social media, to create an online persona to attract pay pigs.


Does Financial Domination Involve an Exchange of Sex?


One of the key factors of FinDom that sets it apart from other exchanges or forms of even sex work is that there is often no sex exchanged. When you consider the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, there is an exchange of gifts and money for time, dates, or maybe more.


The idea of financial domination is that it is so submissive, that the pay pig (submissive) doesn’t get anything in return for spending money, aside from the psychological rush of being humiliated by or in devotion to the FinDomme. The act of being dominated and used for their money is the arousing part for the submissive partner.


Why Financial Domination Is a Fetish


Financial domination is considered a fetish because there is sexual arousal around something that isn’t sexual in nature. There are money exchanges that happen in many areas of life but this can become a fetish, with the right partnership, for a few reasons.


It is Part of the Humiliation


Demanding money also comes with degrading and demeaning the submissive partner. Their role as the money slave is to send tributes at the whim of the dominant partner. Many people find humiliation arousing as part of the Dom/sub relationship.


Though it may seem paradoxical, being submissive in a financial realm can be a huge turn on for many men, who may be seen as the financial providers fo their immediate family or families of origin, or who maintain high powered positions at work that comes with large salaries or big responsibilities.


Because men are often socialized to experience their worth through their financial status, being financially dominated can be a release for them and an opportunity to be in control of the narrative of their felt worthlessness.

It is a Turn On


Acting as a submissive is natural for those who take on the role in BDSM. Being a money slave feels rewarding for the sub because it is the ultimate form of submission.


If you think that your sexual fetish has become problematic in your life, speak to a sex therapist to get the help that you need.


It’s a Power Exchange


One of the key elements of FinDom is the exchange of power. The Dominatrix is in charge and the submissive must submit to her demands. The nature of the relationship can be intense and arousing, and is always consensual.


Sexual Exploration With Financial Domination


While financial domination is a form of BDSM, the lack of physical contact and intense submission sets it apart from other fetishes. Each Dom/sub relationship is different, and communicating boundaries and the parameters of consent, are essential parts of exploring any type of sexual fetish.


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