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Stress, Sex and Hormones with Dr. Jasmine Talei

Mar 29, 2024


Dr. Kate and Dr. Jasmine discuss the role of stress and hormones on sexual desire and arousal. Dr. Jasmine Talei is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor and believes in a holistic approach to our health. She looks at hormonal imbalances, the skin-gut connection, auto immune conditions, and mold-related illness and how these can effect stress in our lives.

For a link to Dr. Talei’s adrenal support product Mind Body Soul, go to: https://www.beverlyhillsnaturalmedicine.com/drtalei/p/resp5vh8e62s86oyht2vbt0xuls1kf

CHAPTERS: 00:00 – 2:00 Introduction to Dr. Jasmine Talei

2:01 – 7:59 Discussing naturopathic medicine and how it differs from other fields

8:00 – 11:54 Biggest stressors that Dr. Talei sees in her practice, including sympathetic vs. parasympathetic activations

11:55 – 13:38 How long it takes to shift from sympathetic activation to parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode

13:39 – 16:06 Indications that your body may be stuck in the sympathetic activation state

16:07 – 17:11 How cortisol levels change desire levels within women

17:12 – 19:00 How the adrenal glands impact desire and the production of sex hormones

19:01 – 19:59 Exercise and the effects it has on testosterone

20:00 – 22:10 What happens when estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decrease

22:11 – 28:32 What people can do to treat hormonal imbalances

28:33 – 29:25 The relationship between birth control and hormonal changes

29:26 – 30:44 Hair growth medications and hormonal changes

30:53 – 34:43 Household hormonal disruptors

34:44 – 39:10 Do hormonal detoxes work?

39:11 – 41:17 Where should people start when it comes to a lifestyle change to support a balanced hormonal lifestyle?

41:18 – 42:54 Outro

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