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How To Heal From Purity Culture With Sexvangelicals | Escaping Purity Culture

Apr 12, 2024

Hi, thanks for watching our video about escaping purity culture and how to heal from purity culture with sexvangelicals. This video covers the following subjects: ✅ Healing from Purity Culture ✅ Purity culture trauma ✅ Sex after purity culture

How does one unlearn the rigid beliefs of purity culture? This week, Dr. Kate is joined by Julia and Jeremiah of Sexvangelicals, a a podcast, educational platform, and community building project offering the sex education the church didn’t want you to have.

The three of them unpack:

• The impact that these environments can have on one’s relationship to pleasure and sex

• The sense of grief and loss that can come hand in hand with the freedom of exiting high control environments

• Redefining the role of importance that sex plays in your life and so much more!

Be sure to check out Sexvangelicals podcast to gain insight on giving yourself permission to be a sexual person, navigating the deconstructing process, and healing from the ways that Christian communities may have gotten it wrong.

RESOURCES MENTIONED: When Religion Hurts You (book) by Laura Anderson Sunday School Dropouts (podcast) by Laura Anderson and Andrew Kerbs.


00:00 – 02:45 Introduction and genesis story of Sexvangelicals

02:46 – 07:25 How both Julia and Jeremiah began questioning the environments they were in

07:26 – 15:15 The crisis and grief that can occur when one begins to deconstruct their rigid beliefs

15:16 – 20:51 How Julia and Jeremiah continued their deconstruction with one another after meeting

20:52 – 30:12 How their relationships with sex have changed after the deconstruction process began

30:13 – 31:51 Discussion of Julia and Jeremiah’s upcoming book

31:52 – 37:26 Redefining non-sexual parts of your relationship after leaving high control environments

37:27 Resource recommendations for individuals navigating with early stage ramifications of leaving religious systems

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Dr. Kate Balestrieri, host of Modern Intimacy, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, helps people live more fulfilled lives by shattering stigma and erasing shame. Dr. Kate invites you to join her as she investigates the relationship between sex, mental health, relationships and modern society.


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