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What’s The Essence Of Incel Culture And Masculinity? with Brendan Kwiatkowski, PhD

Apr 19, 2024


Please visit our YouTube channel to learn more about an Incel definition and what’s the essence of incel culture and masculinity. What’s the essence of incel culture and masculinity. is covered in this video, along with the following subjects: – Incel culture – Incel meaning – Factors in becoming an incel A MSL definition is an interesting topic; you can learn more by listening to our video.




What is an incel? What leads a person to become an incel? And what does it mean to be black-pilled and red-pilled? On this week’s episode of Get Naked with Dr. Kate, Dr. Kate is joined by Brendan Kwiatkowski, an educator, researcher, and speaker specializing in the social-emotional development and well-being of boys and men. The two dive into an illuminating conversation that aims to better understand the root reasons that men become drawn to inceldom, including the roles that entitlement and shame play.


Together, Brendan and Dr. Kate work to unpack: • What traits embody precarious masculinity • Why a person may find themselves identifying with incel culture • Why men in particular are targeted by / attracted to the incel community • The difference between red and black pilled ideologies and so much more!

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