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Joel Kim Booster talks about being gay, Asian and navigating bi-polar disorder

Mar 29, 2024

Joel Kim Booster and Dr. Kate talk about mental health, relationships (Joel is in a non-monogamous relationship) and how to find one’s own identity and have the courage to be who you know you are.


00:00 – 04:38 Introduction of Joel and his experience growing up in a white Chicago suburb

04:39 – 09:10 Joel’s realization and awareness of his race

09:11 – 17:16 Joel’s relationship with mental health

17:17 – 21:45 the transition from home school to public school

21:46 – 24:44 Experience in college to Chicago to New York

24:45 – 27:46 Joel’s entrance into the creative space

27:47 – 31:43 NY versus LA

31:44 – 33:53 An example of Joel’s experience with hypomania

33:54 – 37:49 How Joel takes care of himself and manages his symptoms of Bipolar disorder

37:50 – 40:04 the energizing feeling of hypomania

40:05 – 44:02 The ways Joel has gotten more in touch with pleasure / creativity when in a more stable place

44:03 – 46:47 How Joel and his partner negotiate and discuss their relationship

46:49 – 52:02 How being non monogamous plays out in Joel’s day to day life

52:03 – 56:07 Outro

ABOUT JOEL Joel Kim Booster is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He co-produced and wrote for Big Mouth and The Other Two. In 2022, he wrote, produced, and starred in the Hulu romantic comedy Fire Island, with a main cast of Asian American actors. In 2018, he released his debut stand-up album, Model Minority. In 2022, he released a stand-up special on Netflix called Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual, a funny and biting deconstruction and reconstruction of Booster’s identity onstage.

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