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Do Kegels Actually Work? Unpacking Pelvic Floor Facts (and Myths) with Courtney Virden

Mar 29, 2024

Did you know that there are 14 muscles in the pelvic floor? Do kegels actually work? And what IS the pelvic floor, exactly? Pelvic floor expert Courtney Virden weighs in on this week’s episode of Get Naked with Dr. Kate.

Together with Dr. Kate, the two unpack: • How pelvic floor strength and sexual pleasure are tied together • The shame around pelvic floor dysfunction • Accessible pelvic floor exercises & so much more! Courtney Virden is a pelvic floor expert, fitness trainer, and founder of iCORE Method. Her iCORE method app with core and pelvic floor programs is used by women worldwide to restore pelvic floor health and wellness. She is a contributor for Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh and consults as a pelvic floor expert for many publications and outlets.

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – 1:28 Intro to Courtney

01:29 – 03:10 What is the pelvic core? Why should people care about it?

03:11 – 04:28 Hypertonic vs. hypotonic pelvic floor

04:29 -04:50 People born in male bodies and how pelvic floors affect them

04:51 – 05:58 Healing from pelvic floor dysfunction

05:59 – 07:07 Why kegels are not an all-encompassing pelvic floor exercise

07:08 – 07:28 The shame around pelvic floor dysfunction

07:29 – 08:49 The sexual aspects of pelvic health

08:50 – 10:20 Postpartum and pelvic health

10:21 – 12:41 Incontinence is common, but not normal

12:42 -14:55 Length of time to see results with pelvic floor therapy exercises

14:56 – 17:24 What can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction?

17:25 -19:34 The Vagus nerve and pelvic floor connection

19:35 -20:45 The wisdom and emotions that our bodies hold

20:46 -23:03 Concentric vs. eccentric exercises

23:04 – 27:06 Discussing the 90-day Challenge with Ashley Black

27:07 – 28:42 What are other programs available in Courtney’s app?

28:43 – 30:35 Limited mobility and pelvic floor exercises

30:36 – 30:58 Where to find iCore Method

31:00 – 33:07 The pelvic floor exercises and the confidence that they can create

33:08 – 34:32 Outro

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