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Cultural Differences: How Partners Maneuver to Create a New Way with Gaby Balsells

Sep 28, 2023


Gaby Balsells is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in Guatemala, and a Relationship and Intimacy Coach with almost a decade of experience guiding couples to understand each other and become a true team! Within her extensive resume, Gaby is specialized in Attachment Science & Emotionally Focused Therapy. Gaby believes that eroticism is a life force, and she is passionate about helping people find deeper connection to their bodies as a way of reconnecting to their whole Self. She helps couples become fulfilled with their intimacy through creating a sex-positive space that fosters curiosity and deeper connection.


Gaby and Dr. Kate talk about the benefits of blending a couple’s 2 different cultures and backgrounds and all it can affect. Gaby’s parents were from two different cultures, and both held on to their individual cultures for the family rather than blending it. This can cause some tension and confusion.


Gaby and Dr. Kate talk about the 2 cultures’ need to come together and create their own new way- take the best and surrender what doesn’t work. The coming together of two different cultures effects so many things from religion to language, to views of how to raise kids, traditions, in-laws, freedom of choice for the children, how to talk about emotions, how to express anger, being a woman, and much more.


Gaby finds that it is best if it is not an “either /or” situation, but rather a blending that takes place. The blending can honor traditions of each partner and create a new design that both agree upon. They talk about steps bi-cultural couples can take for better communication:

– Creating traditions by their own design

– Define roles and responsibilities

– Determine if the relationship takes precedent over work and family

– How much compromise is needed and couple defined boundaries from

the in laws

– How much alone time each needs.


It’s a deep look and practical guide to issues large and small that may affect this particular relationship and families of this coupling.

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