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Crystal Hefner On Surviving Playboy, Marrying Hugh Hefner, Healing and Finding Herself

Feb 14, 2024


The Playboy Mansion has developed itself as a landmark of excess and pleasure in American culture – but what happens behind its gilded doors? For Crystal Hefner, life at the mansion wasn’t always the glitz and glamor portrayed in the media. You may know Crystal as the third (and last) wife of Hugh Hefner – but she is so much more than the man she married, and she’s ready to take back her narrative.


On this episode of Get Naked with Dr. Kate, we discuss myriad topics. We get into the impact of losing oneself in a relationship, the disorientation this causes when it ends, and the realities of living in the Playboy mansion (and the lack of privacy it granted). We also tap into what messages Crystal would like to send to the young women who consume Playboy content It is a poignant, vulnerable conversation around finding oneself in the wake of a tumultuous and controlling relationship – with a man and with an entire franchise that depends on the male gaze.


Make sure to check out Crystal’s latest book, ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS: SURVIVING PLAYBOY AND FINDING MYSELF to hear her story directly from her. —   Crystal Hefner is a world-renowned model, advocate, entrepreneur, a former Playboy Playmate and author of ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS: SURVIVING PLAYBOY AND FINDING MYSELF. She now works to bring awareness to issues she is passionate about, speaking out on social media to her 10 million followers about body image, objectification, and beauty standards in the media.


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