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Are Men Afraid of Women? | Men in Relationships | with Avrum Weiss, PhD

Mar 29, 2024


Welcome to our video about men in relationships and whether men are afraid of women. Are men afraid of women? In this video, we’ll walk you through: – Relationship advice for men – What do men want? – Why are men lonely? Dr. Kate is joined by Dr. Avrum Weiss on this week’s episode of Get Naked to discuss the ways that men’s fears of women may negatively impact their relationships with women.


We cover a range of fascinating topics on our channel, and in this video, there is a special emphasis on whether men are afraid of women and how this affects men in relationships. Together, they unpack • The deep seated roots of intimacy fears, starting from childhood relationships • The strain that fear can place on intimate relationships between men and women • How men unconsciously identify their own fears of intimacy • The role of the patriarchy when it comes to how men learn to love • Starting points to help men have more meaningful relationship and so much more.


Dr. Avrum Weiss is a psychologist, author, and speaker. He has written four books, the most recent “Hidden In Plain Sight: How Men’s Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships.’’


CHAPTERS 00:00 – 05:14 Introduction to Avrum Weiss and how he began his research on men and their relationships to fear

05:15 – 07:40 The relief that can come for both men and women when men’s fears of women are addressed and recognized

07:41 – 10:00 The role of “mean mommy” that women get stuck in within relationships

10:01 – 11:06 Highlighting the different types of fear that men experience

11:07 – 12:00 The sequence of fears that Avrum sees in his work with men

12:01- 17:15 The Still Face Experiment and how it may translate into modern day heterosexual relationships

17:15 – 21:22 The different shape that fear can take between fathers and sons

21:23 – 24:37 How would a man know if he has any of these fears?

24:38 – 29:27 What do men begin to see in themselves/their relationships when they begin to deconstruct their fears?

29:28 – 31:38 Unpacking the phrase “Happy wife, happy life”

31:39 – 34:23 Men becoming increasingly insecure with their masculinity

34:24 Outro

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