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How Does Child Sexual Abuse Impact the Victim’s Parents? with Imani Reynolds, LMFT

Mar 29, 2024

Imani and Dr. Kate talk about a new area of research that explores the impact of a child’s sexual victimization on the lives and sex lives of the parents of the child. This traumatic event for the child can take its toll on the parents as well. Feelings of guilt, concern for their child’s mental health, shock, can all lead to a breakdown of communication and little interest in sexual activity with their partner.

CHAPTERS: 00:00 – 2:37 Introduction of Imani Reynolds

02:37 – 04:17 How Imani chose this area of research

04:18 – 05:32 Looking at how parents are impacted and why it may go unsupported

05:33 – 08:13 What Imani has learned in her research, including emotional and psychological effects and what factors impact their response

08:14 – 09:35 Difference in impact between mothers and fathers

09:36 – 11:00 how can CSA impact the relationship between parents

11:01 – 12:01 Trust concerns between parents

12:02 – 13:42 what might partners observe in their relationship if things aren’t fully resolved in the wake of the crisis

13:43 – 15:31 Why does tension arise between partners?

15:32 – 17:49 Parents who have also been victimized as children and what role that plays in their impact

17:50 – 21:00 If a child in the family unit is the perpetrator, what can parents do in that situation and how does it affect their relationships with one another?

21:01 – 23:03 how shrouding a CSA situation in secrecy ultimately does not help

23:04 – 24:05 Working with an agency can help parents work through ongoing risks

24:06 – 26:23 How can parents rebuild a sexual connection with one another after being impacted by CSA?

26:24 – 28:56 Discussing Imani’s research and what she is looking for / how individuals can become involved

28:57 – 30:41 Outro

Imani Reynolds is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and a board-certified sexologist. Imani is currently a doctoral student in Human Sexuality with research focused on sexual desire, sexual intimacy, and sexual trauma.

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