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Modern Intimacy Recommended Programs

Finding the right products and programs is less daunting when they’ve already been vetted by experts. Have a look at some of our favorite resources for mental health, relationships and sexuality.

Some of these programs and resources include an affiliate link, which means Modern Intimacy may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links below.


LGBTQ and All

LGBTQ and All

LGBTQ and ALL goals are to provide the appropriate accessible mental health, psychologists for kids, and gender confirmation resources from around...

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MasterClass – Emily Morse

MasterClass – Emily Morse

Emily Morse's MasterClass is finally launched! The host of the long-running podcast Sex With Emily has made it her mission to normalize the...

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Bed Geek

Bed Geek

Bed Geek is an innovative adult toy company with high quality, and sexy modern products.   Their full range of products are curated with...

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Mentally Fit

Mentally Fit

Mentally Fit is a worldwide community that helps people get access to support and resources for improving mental health. Created by people who truly...

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Mental Health, Relationship, And Sex Therapy Books + Resources on Amazon

Check out Modern Intimacy staff’s highly recommended books and accessories for mental health, trauma, sex and relationships here.

Awesome Mental Health Books

Books for Childhood Trauma

Grounding & Resourcing Accessories

Books About Betrayal

Books About Men's Sexuality

Relationship Books

Toys for Intimacy

Sex Addiction & Compulsivity

Abusive Relationships

Books About Women's Sexuality