Meet Digital Media Coordinator, Jessie Ripes

Jessie Ripes | Digital Media Coordinator



Jessie Ripes is an Illinois native and attended the University of Miami where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health.  She studied psychology and public health with a focus in human sexuality and health behaviors. She intends on enrolling in a graduate program in the future and pursue a clinical-based psychology degree.


Jessie is passionate about sex-positive sexual education. She has conducted research that explores how Instagram and social media in general can be used to provide sex education for adolescents. During that research, she created sex-positive social media content that supplemented an educational-based podcast.


In addition to sexual education, Jessie is a passionate mental health advocate particularly for gender and sexual minorities. Given the negative effects social media can have on mental health, she hopes to make social media a more inclusive, sex-positive place.


“I find sex and mental health to be intrinsically connected. Without taking the time to care for one, the other may falter with it. I feel it is critical to cultivate a healthy relationship with one’s self and sexuality in order to live the most authentic life possible.”

– Jessie Ripes –

Jessie's Approach to Social Media

“It’s often so easy for us to get wrapped up in the narrative that social media portrays: everyone seems happy; everyone seems to be in a perfect relationship; everyone seems to have everything figured out.

Working with social media allows me to foster a space on these often harmful platforms that help people realize that no one and nothing is perfect, and that is okay.”

– Jessie Ripes

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