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What Does it Mean to Have an Inflation Fetish?

by | Jun 7, 2024 | KINK, SEXUALITY, Uncategorized

Inflation Fetish

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word fetish as “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to a particular object or activity or a part of the body other than the sexual organs.” The lesser-known definition of the word fetish, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.”


While the more commonly known fetishes may categorically fit into the first definition, the lesser conversed inflation fetish may be defined by both definitions of the word. An inflation fetish is all things expansive, round, juicy, swollen, and magical. This Willy Wonka-inspired fetish is pure imagination in the bedroom.


What Is An Inflation Fetish?


According to many online forms, the inception of their inflation fetish started with the candy man himself, Willy Wonka, specifically the magic gum. For those who haven’t seen the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971 release, there is a scene when a young spoiled girl named Violet Beauregard consumes one of Wonka’s experimental gum, where her body rapidly swells with blueberry juice. Scared and unable to move, she is rolled away by the Wonka’s factory workers, “oompa loompas,” to the factory’s juicing room to be “squeezed” as a group of onlookers show expressions of shock and mild horror.


A clip of this infamous blueberry scene posted seven years ago has accumulated 21 million views on YouTube. This movie clip has clearly been made popular throughout the years for a variety of reasons, but those with inflation fetishes may describe this scene as a sexual awakening.


According to an online blog forum posted by CleverFoxman, they describe an inflation fetish as “the fascination or sexual fascination of a person’s body parts expanding larger than human body proportions should allow.” This is a broad definition of several different combinations of kinks and fetishes. Samantha Cole, a journalist, describes, “It combines forefeeling, expansion, or inflation porn (using air, water, enemas, or food), as well as elements of bondage and submission. There’s often a humiliation element, care-taking tenderness, or a combination of the two.”


One Reddit user discusses that the “blueberry transformation” is a popular subgenre of the inflation fetish because, for many, that’s how the fetish started due to watching the Willy Wonka movie at a young age. This, for many, started a lifelong fetish that may evolve to include other elements of kinky play.


Misconceptions about Inflation Fetishists


Due to the taboo nature of kinks and fetishes, there are still, unfortunately, stigmas around individuals who are open about their sexual interests, especially if they are more unique. A common misconception about inflation fetishes or, more specifically, blueberry transformation is the association between the preteen girl in the Willy Wonka movie and sexual attraction to children or preteens.


However, according to many online forms, this is a harmful association. Many with the inflation fetish saw the blueberry scene as a child, which later translated into an inflation fetish as an adult, which doesn’t have an association with children but the act of your partner becoming swollen, helpless, or possibly submissive.


Introducing Your Fetish Into The Bedroom


While there is erotic art, books, and pornography that cater to those with inflation fetishes, a common question I get as an associate therapist is how one can introduce their distinctive fetish into the bedroom. Introducing a fetish that is more fantastical into the bedroom is much like introducing any kink or fetish into your sexual repertoire.


As an associate therapist working with kinky clients, I often ask them what about the fetish/kink is particularly exciting to them and why. Understanding what they enjoy physiologically makes it easier to introduce those themes into the bedroom. Another way to introduce your kink/fetish into the bedroom is by learning how to communicate your sexual wants and needs to your partner. For those with an inflation fetish, it might feel overwhelming to introduce your fetish to your partner.


Working with a therapist who specializes in intimacy and sexuality can help you further learn about your sexuality and gain confidence in your ability to discuss your fetish with your partner(s).

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Author Bio

Brooke Brownlee, APCC is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor at Modern Intimacy under the supervision of Dr. Kate Balestrieri. Brooke is passionate about helping clients heal from trauma, feel more empowered sexually, and repair relationships. Brooke is continuing her education and working towards becoming a Certified Sex Therapist.



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