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Therapy in New Hampshire

I am Looking for Therapy in New Hampshire. Why Should I Choose Modern Intimacy?

Modern Intimacy is a high quality group therapy practice that has locations in several states, including New Hampshire. What sets Modern Intimacy therapists apart is our focus and expertise when helping individuals and couples navigate challenges they are experiencing within their sex lives, relationships, and mental health. 

We pride ourselves in being experts in human sexuality and relationships and our passion is helping people work through obstacles in the way of them having happy and fulfilling relationships with others, with themselves, and with sexuality. 

We also know how challenging it can be to find the right therapist when it comes to sensitive issues about sexual health and sexuality. Sex can be a taboo topic and depending on the attitudes and messages you’ve experienced about sex, you might be bumping up against a lot of stigma that could be holding you back from reach out for help.

At Modern Intimacy, one of our greatest principles is our emphasis on sex positivity. We aren’t traditionalists and we have no interest in enforcing an agenda for how you should be living your life. Your sex life is unique and our therapists are here to offer support and guidance. 

Therapy New Hampshire
Therapy New Hampshire

What Conditions Does Modern Intimacy Help With?

At Modern Intimacy, our therapists provide support to clients around various conditions, challenges, and areas of exploration in the realms of mental health, sexual health, and relationships. Some of the more common themes we see at our practice include but are not limited to:

  •     Mood Disorders (Depression & Anxiety)
  •     Low libido or hypersexuality
  •     Healing trauma (sexual, emotional, physical, financial, etc)
  •     Overcoming betrayal in relationships
  •     Sexual Dysfunctions 
  •     Communication issues
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Retroactive Jealousy/Relationship OCD
  •     Compulsive sexual behavior 
  •     Substance abuse & other behavioral addictions 
  •     Major life transitions 
  •     Narcissistic abuse 
  •     Enmeshment 
  •     Body Image issues 
  •     Alternative relationship lifestyles (polyamory, ENM, etc.)
  •     Improving self-confidence and self-esteem 
  •     Working through sexual shame and repression
  •     Exploring Kink & BDSM 
  •     Pain during sex
  •     Struggles with reaching orgasm

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Sex Therapy

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Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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Therapy New Hampshire

Do You Offer In-Person or Telehealth Services Throughout the Entire State of New Hampshire?


We offer Telehealth services so we can work with residents of New Hampshire no matter where they are located within the state. We understand that commuting to an office is also not always ideal. As such, we are happy to provide private and HIPAA compliant video-based therapy sessions so you can attend appointments from the comfort of your own home, office, or whatever private and quiet space you prefer. 

Though Telehealth has become a convenient way to attend therapy, we recommend setting up your space in a location where you can freely express yourself and also can be present for the session. Please note that we are not able to conduct secure therapy sessions if you are located in a public place and are not able to proceed with sessions while a client is operating a vehicle for safety reasons. Of course, we want you to be comfortable and having a calming, secure place to attend sessions is one way to set your therapy sessions up for success.

I Think Modern Intimacy Sounds Like a Good Fit, but I’d Like to Learn More. What Would be my Next Steps?

We’d be happy to connect with you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Intake Specialists so we can learn more about your goals and ensure Modern Intimacy is the right fit for the services you’re seeking. We look forward to speaking with you soon!