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Individual Therapist in New Hampshire

I Need to Find a Therapist in New Hampshire – Can Modern Intimacy Help?


Modern Intimacy a group therapy practice with locations in several states, including New Hampshire. Whether you are struggling with your mental health, looking for specialized support around sexual health, or are looking to improve your closest relationship(s), we’re here to help!

What sets Modern Intimacy apart is that we have a strong specialization around sex and relationships, in addition to our extensive backgrounds and training in mental health treatment. Our practice is composed of qualified and experienced sex therapists, individual therapists, and couple’s therapists who are passionate about helping clients live fulfilling and authentic lives. 

We believe that mental health and sexuality are intrinsically interconnected. Many of our clients who struggle with their mental health or past impactful relationships, tend to struggle with sex as well, and vice versa. As such, we help our clients untangle the complexities of their experiences and identity to feel more connected to themselves and others in their life.

What Conditions or Issues Does Modern Intimacy Treat?

There are various areas of focus we treat under the umbrella of mental health, sexuality, and relationships. Some of the more common areas of focus we work with includes, but is not limited to:

  •     Depression
  •     Anxiety 
  •     Substance abuse 
  •     Compulsive porn use and sexual behaviors 
  •     Trauma, PTSD, and Complex Trauma 
  •     Complicated relationships with family
  •     Major life stressors
  •     Healing from betrayal or infidelity 
  •     Low self-esteem and low confidence 
  •     Marriage counseling 
  •     Codependency and enmeshment 
  •     Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Delayed Ejaculation
  •     Pain and discomfort during sex
  •     Inability or challenges to reach orgasm 
  •     Sexual empowerment 
  •     Exploring sexuality or gender identity 


Free 30-Minute Consultation

Teletherapy Service Available

Judgement-Free Counseling

Everyone has the right to empowered, healthy, and thriving relationships. That includes you.

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Is Modern Intimacy Trauma Informed?

Modern Intimacy is absolutely a trauma informed therapy practice. If you’re unfamiliar, trauma informed therapy means that a person’s trauma history will be taken into account when helping our clients through a lens that is educated, sensitive, and considerate of one’s experiences with trauma. It’s very important for trauma survivors to feel seen and heard throughout the therapeutic process and feel safe with their therapist. We understand that experiences with trauma play a crucial role in certain behaviors, relationships, and ways someone shows up in the world – with trauma informed care, those factors will not be looked at as pathological or something that is “psychologically wrong” with someone because experiences of trauma are not the fault of the survivor.

I am Interested in Video Therapy – Is That an Option at Modern Intimacy

Teletherapy is a service we currently offer at Modern Intimacy. We use a HIPAA compliant platform that protects the privacy of our clients while making attending therapy sessions more convenient. 

We appreciate that Telehealth can make attending therapy more feasible due to not needing to commute to an office. The convenience of Telehealth means that you can attend therapy sessions from the comfort of the private location of your choice. 

Though telehealth can be very convenient, we still want to ensure that we are keeping your privacy in mind. As such, we do not do sessions while you are in public or while you are operating any kind of vehicle for safety reasons. 

At this time, Modern Intimacy is only seeing clients via Telehealth.



    How Do I Get Started with a Therapist? 

    As a next step, please schedule an appointment for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with one of our Intake Specialists. They will take the time to learn more about your goals for therapy, any preferences you have for a therapist or therapy style, and they can also answer any lingering questions you have for us. During the call, our Intake Specialists will suggest a therapist who would be the best fit based on your needs and will help with coordinating the next steps of getting you started and all set up with a provider to start therapy in New Hampshire.