Sexual Dysfunction


Intimacy disorder encompass a wide variety of relational concerns, including emotional and sexual challenges. In some cases, it might look like two partners with differing libidos, and in others, difficulty being vulnerable with a partner.

Generally, the underlying issue in any case reveals itself in the form of an emotional wound or a mental block. By beginning therapy with our therapists, patients are able to uncover the root issue causing them to shy away from their partner’s advances, be unable to achieve climax, or experience pain during intercourse.

At Modern Intimacy, our team of clinicians understands intimacy disorder and sexual dysfunctions can be a sensitive topic, but it is important to note that treatment is available. Both men and women are affected by sexual dysfunction. Naturally, their partners experience the consequences as well. In doing so, behaviors can be explored and modified as a reaction for long-term success in maintaining a healthy and happy intimate life.

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