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How to Raise Emotionally Mature Sons with Eli Weinstein, LCSW

Jul 4, 2024


Can you ever be truly prepared to be a parent? And how can fathers show up for their sons to ensure that they grow up with emotional maturity?


On this week’s episode of Get Naked, Eli Weinstein joins Dr. Kate to discuss the in’s and out’s of parenting, especially when it comes to navigating fatherhood.


Together, the two unpack: • How weaponized incompetence may be used in parental dynamics • The lack of role modeling for fatherhood that many men face • How postpartum may impact men • Tips for new fathers and so much more!


Eli Weinstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Therapist who has worked in multiple settings, including psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics. Eli has honed his skills of CBT, ACT, positive psychology, and other therapy techniques to reach a grasp of the inner workings of the human mind. His mission is to use his experience, expertise, and voice to help empower individuals and let them know the life they hope for is possible.

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