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Connect with Your Sexual Freedom with Court Vox

Apr 26, 2023

The concept of sexual liberation is one that many come to after realizing that they’ve been living in shame, repression, and external influence on their relationship to sex in a way that may not feel congruent with how they truly feel or would like to feel. How we view sexuality, like many other forms of humanness, is oftentimes influenced by many factors, such as family, peers, media, and other methods. Many people start exploring sexual liberation once they realize they have been viewing their own relationship with sex or sexuality in general through a sex negative or repressive lens.


In this episode of the Modern Intimacy Podcast, Dr. Kate Balestrieri and Court Vox discuss the process of connecting with sexual freedom and breaking out of rigid rules and roles that have been places on human sexuality, and move into a place of more connection, embodiment, and safety with one’s own relationship to sex.


What Does it Mean to be Sexually Liberated?


Sexual liberation is a concept in which one feels safe and autonomous in their sexual expression. It can look like unapologetically wearing clothes that are usually attached to slut shaming, living authentically and shame free in your sexual desire, harnessing your erotic power, and identifying your sexual self with anything that is authentic and feels good.


Sexual liberation is a sex positive movement towards achieving sexual freedom, free of shame and judgement. In a sexually liberated society, people are free to be who they are, love who they love, and not be ostracized for sexual preferences (of course, as long every everyone is consenting).


In order to feel sexually liberated, there oftentimes is some unraveling to do around what is sex negative messaging and what are your authentic beliefs. If you were made to believe that your sexual expression should fit into a certain box or presentation and that feels counter to who you really are, it can be a challenge to give yourself permission to accept and love your sexuality as it is.


You deserve to be yourself and be accepted in every capacity.

Court Vox’s practice, The Body Vox, provides coaching for Sexual Wellness and Intimacy.

He is a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach Surrogate Partner Intern, and Sacred Intimate based in Los Angeles CA. He is a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, Founder of The Bodyvox, and Co-Founder of SQUIRM. He is a guide for a vast spectrum of individuals and those in relationships seeking more in their erotic and intimate lives.  When it comes to human connection and sexuality, some are beginning their journey while others have been pursuing erotic education and experiences for years.


Court works gently with first-timers, as well as offers uncommon experiences to some of the world’s most well-known sex educators and change-makers across multiple fields and disciplines. Court has become known for offering private, highly customized, exclusive experiences and travels extensively hosting and teaching workshops for all bodies, genders, and orientations.


Court is also part of an elite team of sex educators that create the celebrated program for women,  Back to the Body, which runs retreats all across the globe.


Dr. Kate and Court talk about ways to awaken our sexual selves by breath, movement, and sound. And addressing concerns such as body shame & awareness, boundary-setting, communication, and feeling stuck in sexual roles and identities. They also address the importance of listening to your body to hear what it needs, as well as feeling empowered to say what you need to your partner.


Court’s website is: www.TheBodyvox.com

Website: www.modernintimacy.com

Dr. Kate Balestrieri 

Modern Intimacy

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Dr. Kate Balestrieri, host of Modern Intimacy, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, helps people live more fulfilled lives by shattering stigma and erasing shame. Dr. Kate invites you to join her as she investigates the relationship between sex, mental health, relationships and modern society.


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