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Modern Intimacy’s Gift Guide: Gifts for Couples

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Uncategorized

Finding the perfect gift for your partner(s) during the holiday season can be challenging and come with a lot of pressure. Even if you know your partner will love the thought and meaning behind whatever you get them, it can still feel overwhelming. We’re here to help provide some inspiration around gifts for couples. 


We understand how important relationships are and are here to help you find the perfect gift, or the gift you might not have realized your partner would enjoy. The team at Modern Intimacy is happy to share our recommendations for gifts for your partner, some of which can be enjoyed together!


Modern Intimacy is not aligned with nor do we make any commission from purchases of these products. 


Modern Intimacy Recommends: Gifts for Couples


Lovense Remote Control Sex Toy


lovense sex toy


“A remote controlled sex toy allows you and you and your partner(s) to engage in pleasure in the same room or from a distance.”–  Imani Reynolds, AMFT


Shunga Deluxe Edible Body Paint


Shunga Deluxe Edible Body Paint


“Shunga deluxe edible body paint allows you to use your partner’s body as a canvas to paint words and poems or lick off this editable chocolate flavored body paint. This gift is a fun way to increase erotic play with the added benefits of chocolate.” – Brooke Brownlee, APCC


Love is Art Painting Kit 


Love is Art Painting Kit


“This present makes for a fun and sexy date night together that will be remembered forever”–  Rachel Overvoll, Somatic Sex Coach 


Sex Talk Conversation Deck


Sex Talk Conversation Deck


“This gift for couples is a deck of cards with questions meant to start the conversation about sex between partners. Deck covers all topics of sex and intimacy.”–  Hunter English, Clinical Extern 


Date Night Subscription 


 date night subscription box


Keeping long term relationships exciting can get challenging overtime. I love the idea of a subscription date box that provides couples with various date night options. If you struggle to set time for date night, knowing your date night box is coming in the mail soon is a great reminder to prioritize your relationship.” –  Kayla Tricaso, Office Manager & Patient Intake Specialist 


What Makes a Happy Couple? 


There is so much that goes into making a relationship feel secure, fulfilling, and connective. Knowing what your relationship needs to flourish can take time and then many couples need to ensure they are doing what they can to meet each other’s needs. What makes couples happy can vary as people have unique needs and experiences, however, there a few general tips that many couples benefit from. 


Equal Household Labor


Divvying up household chores might sound easy, but it can be a stuck point for many couples. Historically, household labor is something that oftentimes is delighted to women, but in modern culture, many couples prefer a more equal dynamic. If equal distribution of household labor is important to you, it might be worth communicating with each other about expectations and what system works best for your unique relationship.


Know your partner’s love language


Love languages refer to ways that people prefer to give and receive affection, communication, and love. There are five common love languages that include words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and physical touch. If you and your partner have not discussed each other’s love languages, it might be a great opportunity to learn more about each other’s needs. If your love language is not one of the main five, that’s totally okay. Love languages can be any act that makes you feel appreciated and cared for.


Having empathy for each other


Empathy is a major part of any healthy relationship, and it’s certainly important for romantic relationships. Empathy is the way you show your partner that you understand where they are coming from and validates them. Empathy is especially important when it comes to conflict as seeing each other’s perspective is crucial in navigating agreements.


Build open intimacy


While intimacy includes sex, physical intimacy is not the only form of intimacy that is often important for secure relationships. Emotional intimacy can be a really important element of thriving relationships. It’s often beneficial for couples to be vulnerable with each other as it displays trust and emotional bonding have been established. What ways can you and your partner build on the intimacy you already have to take your connection to higher levels?


Know how to repair


Fights are bound to happen in most relationships. Instead of focusing on how to have less fights, it might be more attainable to get more familiar with how to successfully repair after a heated discussion. Repair can look different from couple to couple so have a conversation with your partner about what you need to repair and what would be most helpful for them? If space is needed, you’ll know to give yourself and/or your partner time to relax. If physical touch like cuddling or a hug is preferable, you can communicate that and set your relationship up for success for future conflict.

This is not an exhaustive list of what makes a happy couples as every couple is different and emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual needs can vary. The best way to discover what is needed for your unique relationship to cultivate and maintain happiness is to have conversations with your partner, be open to change and/or constructive feedback, and keep a team-like mentality.

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Author Bio

Dr. Kate Balestrieri is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and PACT II trained Couples Therapist. She is the Founder of Modern Intimacy. Follow her on IG @drkatebalestrieri and @themodernintimacy.



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