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Is a Sex Swing Right For Your Relationship?


A couples debates getting a sex swing.

If you and your partner are looking for a way to add some spice to your love life, getting a sex swing can be ideal for journeying on new adventures. Here are some reasons to take into consideration as to why you should invest in a sex swing, and the best options that are available.

What Is a Sex Swing?

These devices are designed for individuals to have sex in or on. These swings are available in various styles and colors, and help couples achieve different sex positions that may otherwise be a challenge to achieve. Different kinds of swings add some spice and variety into your sex life, permitting a wide range of angles (sometimes 360 degree) that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. They can also be useful for adding mobility into a sex life that might be inhibited due to injury or physical disability.

The most basic explanation of a sex swing is that they allow one partner to be suspended in the air while the other partner can move around them in a more mobile way and approach intercourse from a variety of angles and positions. Love swings can be made out of a variety of materials, including rope, leather, metal (if the suspension material is made of chain or an alloy rope material), and more. The harness can also constitute a plethora of forms, including a simple swing seat, a more advanced bunjee seating surface, or a harness that allows for bondage and the like.

The Benefits

There are multiple benefits to getting one of these advanced toys, with the most obvious benefit being that partners can energize their sex lives with more vitality, making them healthier and more fulfilling. This is especially beneficial if you or a partner are looking to change things up or add some novelty. This is very common as the pandemic continues, with more and more couples noting that their sex lives aren’t as fulfilling as they used to be.

Sex swings can also be beneficial if you or your partner are out of shape or no longer have the energy to engage in regular sexual activities. By taking some of the stress and strain out of having sex, an adult standing sex apparatus can let you more easily manage the ins-and-outs of sex, by taking the physical responsibility of holding your partner up something that is no longer on you. If you have a physical injury that makes it difficult to engage in different sexual positions, then a door sex swing can eliminate that as a problem by letting you engage in sex while standing up without having to physically hold your partner aloft yourself.

Added Mobility

A major reason for investing in a love swing is that it’s one of the more versatile sex toys available. They add an instant kinkiness factor to any intercourse setting, since they’re much more non-traditional than sex on a regular bed. While there are several types of heavy duty swings and most will still be found in a bedroom, depending on the mounting points you have available, you can install a sex swing in a separate room entirely.

Many of these sex toys come with adjustable straps to alter the angle and height at which use is an option, allowing owners to use them with multiple partners of varying heights or different position preferences. Straps make it simple for owners to change the way they engage in intercourse, while still retaining the same basic understanding for how sex slings work.

Sex swings add mobility to sex because one partner is usually given the opportunity to stand while engaging in intercourse. This can make sex more energetic and engaging, adding a cardio element to what might otherwise be a fairly stationary activity. If you’re tired of lying down and engaging in the missionary position during sex, then a standing sex or heavy duty option might be the ideal type of swing for you.

Types of Sex Swings

There are many different types of adult sex swing to peruse. A hook swing using a dual hook configuration usually allows for a wider seating surface that allows users to have a higher weight limit. If you have a ceiling with weaker mounting points or a plus-sized partner, then a hook swing might be the way to go. This is also true if you’re engaging in sex with multiple partners, as a hook swing can allow for more vigorous love-making while eliminating any concerns that the sex swing might give out while sexual acts are going on.

While a traditional swing is mounted from the ceiling, modern advancements have changed that significantly. It’s not uncommon for these heavy duty toys to be mounted from a variety of different mounting points, including those in the wall and even the floor, which can eliminate awkward angling based on penetration or sexual position. Having a sex swing that’s mounted to the walls at some point can provide for a safer, sturdier experience, and also eliminate any partner’s concerns of falling off of the swing during intercourse.

Recommended Sex Swings

There are many different sex swing options available on the market, with one of the most popular options is this over-the-door model from Lovehoney. However, there are far more options on the market for those willing to look.

This option from Amazon is one of the site’s top sellers, and has a lot of rave reviews praising its simplicity and ease of use. It’s a good beginner option if you’re new to sex toys and want to try something new that won’t require a lot of work to figure out.

The Naughty Couple Door Swing is another sought-after option from Adam & Eve, one of the internet’s go-to sex toy sites. It’s cheap enough to not be a major purchase, but made of durable metal and nylon for a long-lasting toy that’ll add plenty of variety to your love life.

Another top-seller, the Purple Reins Sex Swing brings majesty into your love-making experience. While it’s on the pricier side, you’re paying for quality, as its got straps to support over 140 kg, or 308 pounds, safely.

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