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How to Make a Safe Homemade Sex Tape


couple making a homemade sex tape

Homemade sex tapes can feel like skydiving. Initially, it’s terrifying, nerve-wracking, and worst-case scenarios may be playing in the back of your mind. But with the right planning, communication, and trust, amateur couple porn videos can be one of the best experiences.


What’s All the Hype About?


There are so many different reasons for someone to want to make their own homemade sex tape.


Couples who are in long distance relationships could use amateur porn videos to stay connected, and exchange solo sex tapes with one another while apart. For long distance partners, staying connected emotionally can be difficult depending on the circumstances. Recording the time spent together allows each partner to rewatch the sex tape to build excitement for reconnecting when back together, and watching can also intensify the emotional intimacy while partners are unable to be together.


Even if a couple isn’t in a long distance relationship, there are other benefits to making a homemade sex tape.


Personalized porn can be a great alternative to online porn if going to a website isn’t preferred or enjoyable. It can be used to spice things up, and document fantasies coming to life, like a first threesome or bondage, and it can help create a space for exploring.


Planning and creating part of the process isn’t the only benefit to making your own celebrity sex tape. Rewatching homemade real sexy films can be a way to spark arousal, having the video play during foreplay or sex can add another layer of psychological stimulation, and the video can serve as great mutual or solo masturbation material.


Taking the time to plan out a homemade sex tape invites creativity and opportunity for a couple to prioritize a sexual experience in a way that can be difficult. Planning a sex tape can be comparable to scheduled sex. Partners can build excitement, there’s time to pick out a sexy outfit, plan the right music, light candles, and truly set special time aside for the thing than can easily escape long term relationships, sex.



Safety First!


Although thrilling, making a homemade sex tape can be risky in the technologically advanced world we live in today. It’s more than reasonable to be worried about experiencing a leak like some celebrity sex tapes or having someone stumble across the content.


When considering safety precautions, the most important thing is to communicate. Openly communicating concerns, hesitations, and fears surrounding documenting intimacy allows all partners to provide the necessary reassurance, and to come up with appropriate safety measures to ensure security before, during, and after the recording.


Some examples may look like:

  • Not wanting faces visible
  • Having a designated private folder to store content
  • Deleting the recording after creating or watching
  • Only recording when on vacation or away from home



Safe Execution


When it comes to recoding an amateur sex tape, there are a few various components that need to work in unison for a positive and exciting experience.


In order of priority, gaining consent is number one! When planning the production of personalized porn, proper sex education and consent ensures everyone who’s part of the process is safe, mentally and physically, comfortable with all that is being filmed, how it’s being filmed, and what is done with the content once the recording has come to a close.


Having conversations about technology safety and privacy protection is another priority. If the homemade sex tape is going to be kept for future watching, or it’s arousing to know it’s available, having conversations about where and how the video is being stored are necessary.


Such conversations bring up valuable questions and concerns like what would happen if the video got stolen or someone other than the active participants got a glance. These are questions that are beneficial to be answered prior to pressing “record.”


Creating a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable and know what to do if someone uses a safe word, or action, or requests aftercare. Being prepared for things to not go as planned, or even go wrong, provides that extra layer of psychological and emotional protection that is often overlooked.


Creating a homemade sex tape can be fun, exciting, thrilling, and romantic. Homemade porn can be whatever the creators want it to be. When executed properly, and safely, it’s an invitation to make space for sex in a way many don’t.

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Author Bio

Hunter English is an associate clinical extern at Modern Intimacy under the supervision of Dr. Kate Balestrieri. Hunter aims to help individuals and couples find their unique path to happy relationships, long-lasting and fulfilling sex lives, and liberation within one’s identity and desires. Hunter is completing her Master’s degree at the University of Miami and is working towards becoming a Certified Sex Therapist.



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