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Much like removing a splinter wedged into the skin of your finger, EMDR takes an important first step toward healing. If the splinter remains under the skin, it’s impossible for the wound to heal. Once removed, your finger is able to naturally accept the trauma and heal itself. EMDR helps identify the splintered memories from the mind so the brain can remove confusing fragments and integrate the traumatic events toward healing. EMDR psychotherapy treatments focus on certain time periods such as past, present and future. This is done in effort to locate disturbing memories and address them going forward. The treatment for this disorder is provided by an EMDR trained clinician, to ensure healing is achieved in the most healthy, efficient and effective way.


Traumatic memories extend into daily activities and can make the simplest of tasks much more difficult. Using EMDR treatments can help address panic attacks, dissociative disorders, phobias and body dysmorphic disorders. The mind is a treasure chest of secrets and stories that impact us more than we realize. Asking for help is okay. Our therapists are here. Together, traumatic memories can be analyzed and the power they hold relinquished for a healthier mental state.

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