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3 Reasons Why a Yes No Maybe List Can Help Your Relationship

Clear communication is key when it comes to sex, but you may find it difficult to communicate your sexual needs with your partner. When you don’t talk about your sexual needs with your partner, this could lead to feelings of distance and unsatisfying sex.

A yes no maybe list makes talking about sex more approachable. Whether you’re in a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship, you can improve your sex life by having a yes no maybe list. Here we explain yes no maybe lists and three reasons why you should consider making one.

What Is a Yes No Maybe List?

Before we get to the reasons why you should have one, let’s explain what this type of list is. A yes no maybe list is made by two or more people and establishes sexual activities they want to, don’t want to, and might want to do together.

Someone who isn’t in a relationship may also create a sex list as a way to explore sexual fantasies and identify boundaries with themselves and casual sexual partners. Setting personal sexual boundaries is an important part of maintaining your sexual wellness.

There is no wrong way to make a yes no maybe sex list. For example, your sex list may lead you to incorporate sex toys into your sexual activities or learn about specific fetishes.

Reason 1: Shorten the Orgasm Gap

Your relationship may be suffering from the phenomenon known as the orgasm gap where during heterosexual sex men report they reach orgasm more often than women do. Everyone deserves to have great sex and having a yes no maybe list is a way women can increase their sexual pleasure.

Reason 2: Strengthen Connections

It can sometimes be difficult for people to be vulnerable with their partners when they’re in a relationship. This could be for several reasons, whether it be anxiety, shyness, or something else. When a person doesn’t feel like they can be vulnerable with their partner, they might avoid sharing sexual fantasies out of a fear of rejection.

By having a yes no maybe sex list, you can talk about those sexual fantasies with your partner in a way that’s more approachable. How do you know your partner won’t want to explore those sexual fantasies with you unless you tell them about it?

Reason 3: Identify Sexual Boundaries

Sex can be awkward to talk about, even between partners. But by creating a yes no maybe sex list, you can talk about your sexual wants and needs in a way that’s less awkward.

You could shy away from talking about certain sexual activities because you think that they are taboo. This way, you avoid exploring areas of your sexuality you have yet to discover. Knowing what you want from sex is as important as knowing what you don’t want from it.

A Better Sex Life Is Attainable

No two yes no maybe lists will look the same. What ends up on your list depends on you and your partner’s personal preferences.

If you think your relationship needs further help, you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We look forward to connecting with you.

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